Warning: This product contains nicotine, an addictive chemical.


What is UWOO?

UWOO is the vape brand owned by Shenzhen Yunxi Technology Co. Ltd, an enterprise sponsored by one of the China Top 500. UWOO, pronounced [ju: wu:], is the abbreviation of the phrase You Woo, meaning we offering the experience you are pursuing for.

What makes UWOO better than other E-cig products?

UWOO Tech attracts and gathers a skilled team from Research and Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Marketing and Sales, ensuring qualified and superior products for users.

Is UWOO one trade brand?

UWOO Tech has its own manufacturing center and do worldwide trade business. UWOO has the production capacity of 50,000pcs Heat-not-burn kits and 200,000pcs pod vape kits per month.

Who should use UWOO devices?

Keeping the concept of Create a Smoke Free Future, UWOO Tech is dedicated to innovate the smoking alternatives and the devices are used by anyone over the legal smoking age. They should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medicines for asthma or depression.

Where can I buy UWOO device?

UWOO opens several online sales platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, Rakuten, Aliexpress, just search the model number and order the product you need. Or drop email to info@yunxismart.com to get our service directly.

Does UWOO accept OEM/ODM services?

UWOO welcomes the OEM/ODM service for partners if the order quantity or sales ability meets our demand. Just feel free to get our service for more details.

Pod Vape Kit

What heating element does the UWOO vapes use?

Both UWOO SWEE and UWOO MAGUS adopts the ceramic heating coil, which generates rich and dry vapor and gives users great throat hit experience.

Is the pod refillable or not? What's the pod capacity?

UWOO Tech supplies two models pod vapes presently, the UWOO SWEE comes with closed pod and UWOO MAGUS comes with open pod. Both of the pods are 2.0ml capacity.

How long does the charging take?

Both the UWOO SWEE and UWOO MAGUS vape devices adopt fast charging system with Type-C port, hence they can be charged fully in around 45 min.

How long does a pod last?

Each pod of UWOO SWEE carries 2.0ML E-liquid enough to last 300-400 puffs, which is based entirely on your daily vaping habits.

How long can the device last?

The UWOO vape device can be used for 2-3 years before it deteriorates.

What's the warranty of UWOO vapes?

UWOO Tech guarantees users with 6 months quality warranty. Please contact our customer service for replacement.

What's the Nicotine level in the pod?

Currently, we offer pods at the nicotine level 3%. We can custom or test to match your E-liquid with proper nicotine for business partner.

What are included in the Starter Kit?

1) For UWOO SWEE, the start kit comes with one vape device, one filled pod, the USB Type-C, and one user manual.
2) For UWOO MAGUS starter kit, it comes with one vape device, one empty pod, one lanyard, the USB Type-C cable, and the user manual.

How to refill the UWOO MAGUS pod?

UWOO Tech delivers the kit with pod empty and rubber plug separate. You need to follow the steps: fill the pod (no more than 2.0ml E-liquid), install the rubber plug and press it seamlessly, clean the filling port, and enjoy the vape.

Heat-not-burn Kit

What is the heat-not-burn technology?

Heat-not-burn technology is the technology that the heating element heat the tobacco in a much lower temperature (The working temperature of UWOO Y1 is no higher than 345°C.) with a battery powered system. It generates no combustion, no fire, no ash or no smoke.

What does one UWOO Y1 kit include?

One UWOO Y1 kit includes one device, one USB cable, one brush, one specialized spoon, one certificate of approval, one instruction, and one warranty card.

How long can I use one full charge?

Adopting the 3200mAh large battery system, the UWOO Y1 heat-not-burn device is capable of 40 consecutive uses one full charge.

How long does the charging talk?

The charging will take around 3 hours because it’s a large battery capacity.

How many puffs does one tobacco stick come out?

For one tobacco stick when the battery is full, you can hit around 14 puffs.

What’s the heating element, and how long does the preheating take?

The UWOO Y1 is equipped with the spiculate alloy heating element and the preheating process takes just around 15 seconds. And it will give alert when the preheating begins and finishes.

Can I use it in different working temperatures?

Yes. The UWOO Y1 device support 4 working temperature grades from 305-345°C, hence you can set it with the temperature grade with your taste.

How to clean the device chamber after I use it?

1) Remove the upper shell, then clean the chamber with the spoon and brush.
2) Self-cleaning: Press the power button 7 times in two seconds, the motor vibrates and the four light flash. Until the motor vibrates again and the four lights go out, the self-cleaning is completed.

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