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TUBE disposal vape

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TUBE disposal vape

*Alive and youthful


Battery: 850mAh
Flavors:Strawberry Watermelon、Passion Fruit、Apple Ice、Grape Ice、Mango Melon、Cola Ice、Blueberry Raspberry

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TUBE disposable vape 1600 puffs
SMALL AND PORTABLE A variety of colors and flavors for you to choose, taste reduction degree is very high selling overseas, has won a lot of customer praise
SILKY SWEET The double upgrade of capacity and taste gives you the best experience. Enjoy every second of it
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PRODUCT PARAMETERS Size:Φ19*3116.6mm Puffs:1600 Capacity: 6ml Battery:850mAh Flavors/Color: customizable 1.Starwberry Watermelom 2.Mango Melon 3. Apple lce 4.Grape Ice 5.Passion Fruit 6.Cola Ice 7.Blueberry Raspberry