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UWOO disposable vapes

Multiple models



The new heat not burn device



No combustion, no ash, much lower
levels of harmful chemicals


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One of the most innovatives


Make every puff worth itbeautifulrelaxed and happyinnovative


The design inspiration comes from the Asian myths. It derives different appearances with a cool style, combines traditional culture with a sense of technology, and expresses young people’s rich imagination and pursuit of fashion with abstract patterns. Screen switching function, according to your mood can change it.This vape has a variety of styles,large battery can last 7000 puffs

RAFT 500

Suitable for women’s design.Small and portable appearance,softer colors are used.The contour is curved to fit the skin, like a small and exquisite macaron dancing in your palm. The taste is as fresh as its color, don’t forget to take it when you go out in the morning, you will have a very nice day


Minimalist style with pattern engraving craftsmanship and attention to detail. The simple and generous design is back to basics.Imagine having a cup of iced coffee and CABIN on the table in the afternoon, life is so simple and comfortable. The extra-large capacity is more convenient so you can take it  when you travel around


In July 2019, HNB cigarette set Y1 entered Japan, the world’s first cigarette device with a battery life of 40 pieces, successfully opening up the Japanese market. The frosted texture of the appearance of noble fashion, easy to use and clean, no burning and no soot when used. No harmful gas will be produced


The UWOO-YK is a tobacco heating device. It is an innovative alternative to smoking. Easy to use and clean make it a new choice for smokers. For this product, we have adopted more vivid colors, which is in line with young people’s aesthetics. 4 temperature stalls to adjust the temperature at any time.Support 40 cycles


YP on the basis of the original products to make a new upgrade and breakthrough, to achieve the small program function, scan code automatic matching, truly achieve a device to match a variety of smoke bombs. Users can make friends online and master real-time information about the industry. The child lock and fingerprint recognition function is perfect to avoid the use of teenagers and protect the rights and interests of minors. Big data analysis users used to intelligent temperature control, has applied for a national patent


The appearance of YH equipment adopts a two-layer design: one layer of bright paint and one layer of frosted sand, which makes it look more commercial. Adopt a number of mature heating technology, the body is small and delicate, easy to carry. Through the intelligent temperature control heating method to replace the burning method, the maximum extent to restore the taste of real smoke.

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