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Ym heat not burn device

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Ym heat not burn device

UWOO Ym-The Uwoo is an electronic device that heats tobacco from the inside without burning it. Perfect compartible with most of heatsticks, For instance: Marlboro, Heets, Nicoless and so on


Brand&Model: UWOO-Ym
Battery Capacity: 900mAh
Device Size: 22.4*17.4*97.6 mm
Weight: 40g
Working Temp. : 330 – 360 ℃ adjustable
Body Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black, Silver, Red, Gold
Compatible With All Heat No Burn Tobacco Sticks

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ym-heat not burn pocket size
ym-heat not burn ergonomic design
ym-heat not burn easy to carry
easy to use adjust Temperature
ym-heat not burn_05 15s preheating - no ash, no combustion
ym-heat not burn_06 Easy to take off the sticks - Push up and take the sticks
ym-heat not burn_07 900mah battery 12Heets with fully charged 1.5 hours fast charge
ym-heat not burn over power overhaling shortcut Low voltage Burned Protection Temperature Protection
ym-heat not burn_09 Auto-Clean Press 7 times to start Cleaning
ym-heat not burn_10 Specification