All 12 iqos Marlboro flavors introduction and review

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As of Augest 2021, iqos Marlboro, which started with 4 types of “Regular”, “Balanced Regular”, “Menthol”, and “Mint”, today a total of 4 types of regular, 3 types of menthol, and 5 types of flavor menthol, twelve flavors are deployed, I am gonna introduce all of them for you. The scoring criteria I will use include: fragrance, richness, strength and methol strength.

pic of package of all 12 iqos Marlboro heatsticks flavors


1. iqos marlboro regular, “Regular” that started from here

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●●●○, strength: ●●●●○
“Regular” that has been around since the release of iqos marlboro. Before the introduction of “Rich Regular”, it was the first choice for users who wanted a strong taste. Compared to Rich Regular, it has a miscellaneous taste, but it also has a tar-like taste. There is only regular of the original iqos marlboro, and now it feels rough, but it is the type that feels “good” in the unifying taste.

2. Light version of “Regular”, “Balanced Regular”

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●○○○, strength: ●●●○○

This is also a flavor that has been lined up since the release of iqos, and as the name suggests, it is a light version of “Regular”. Since the taste is lighter, the habit is suppressed compared to “regular”, so it is suitable for people who smoked light regular cigarettes or when they want to smoke many cigarettes in a row.

3. “Smooth regular” with reduced unique odor

Fragrance: ●●●○○, richness: ●●●●○, strength: ●●●●○

When the package is opened, the scent of a tree, which is similar to the cigarette Marlboro, is impressive. There is less tightness and habit than “regular”, and you can enjoy more satisfaction than “balanced regular”. Compared to “Regular”, the odor peculiar to iqos is reduced, so I would like to recommend it to those who are not good at iqos due to that odor.

4. “Rich regular” where you can enjoy the taste and richness of tobacco leaves

Fragrance: ●●●○○, richness: ●●●●●, strength: ●●●●●

The strongest regular as of May 2021. With a crisp taste that suppresses sweetness, you can feel the taste of tobacco leaves firmly. The impression is quite similar to the cigarette Marlboro. The strength is equal to or higher than “regular”. The taste is deep and strong. The steam passing through the throat certainly feels rich. A box with a purely delicious taste of regular tobacco with little extra fragrance.

5. Simple exhilaration “Menthol”

Fragrance: ●●○○○, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

A menthol-based standard flavor that has been lined up since the launch of iqos. The strength of menthol is the same as each flavor menthol. It’s refreshing, but it doesn’t have the intensity of “Black His Menthol”, so it’s recommended for people who like simple menthol without flavor.

6. Refreshing scent and moderate refreshing feeling “Mint”

Fragrance: ●●○○○, richness: ●●●○○, menthol strength: ●●○○○

The most menthol-friendly flavor of iqos Marlboro, which has been lined up since the launch of iqos. Although it is not as refreshing as “menthol”, it has a refreshing scent and a moderately gentle refreshing sensation.

7. Stimulating straight menthol “Black menthol”

Fragrance: ●●○○○, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●●

The strongest menthol as of May 2021. A type that is fearless and has a tight menthol. A menthol with a straight line of stimulation that is stoic and suppresses sweetness to the utmost limit, and the strength of stimulation is the highest. The most stoic taste that is suitable when you want to get enthusiastic. Of course, it is recommended for those who smoke the “Black Marl” and “Bramen” of the cigarette Marlboro.

8. The first masterpiece! “Purple menthol”

Fragrance: ●●●●●, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

Berry flavor menthol. The moment you open the package, you will find a high-class scent similar to that of a fascinating wine. The refreshing sensation of menthol is combined with a rich aroma like purple grape skin, providing a profound taste as well as tobacco taste. It is a masterpiece with a high degree of perfection as the first flavor menthol.

9. “Yellow menthol” that allows you to fully enjoy the exhilaration

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

A citrus-based menthol that is so powerful that you can already see the soothing feeling when you open the package. A strong menthol stains the throat, but the aftertaste iqos odor certainly has a citrus scent. Compared to “Purple Menthol”, it has a taste that is likely to be received by everyone.

10. “Tropical menthol” with an exquisite balance of menthol and flavor

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●●○○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

Flavor menthol with a tropical flavor. The refreshing sensation of menthol is the main character, and after exhaling steam, a fluffy tropical cocktail-like aftertaste comes. It’s not too tropical, so if you like flavored menthol, you’ll love it.

11. Recommended for beginners of heat-not-burn tobacco “Bright menthol”

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●●○○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

A citrus flavored menthol that has a strong refreshing sensation but is not spicy. After a refreshing sensation that reaches the back of the nose, the refreshing, slightly sweet taste of unripe citrus fruits comes in along with the freshness of green leaves. It has a refreshing taste that makes you want to smoke in early summer, and it has a sense of balance that you can add to the standard menthol lineup.

12. “Fusion menthol” that combines three flavors

Fragrance: ●●●●●, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●○

A light purple flavor, but an ambitious work that leaves a complex finish. First, the refreshing sensation of menthol reaches the back of the throat and spreads quickly. Standard as strength. You can feel the tobacco feeling firmly. And when you exhale, you will feel a refreshing citrus flavor, which is accompanied by a faint lavender-like floral scent and a high-class perfume-like elegant aroma, which makes them spicy like a hidden taste. A feeling of spice to put together. The taste is not as strong as I expected, and it is a multi-layered yet simple taste that has been calculated.

In terms of prices, different countries may have different situations, but in general, Marlboro is slightly more expensive than HEETS. As I said before, the taste of Marlboro is purer and more direct. All right, this is my introduction and review of all 12 Marlboro flavors. Welcome to leave a message to share your thoughts.

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