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A comprehensive comparison of IQOS ILUMA and PRIME

By September 7, 2021March 23rd, 2022IQOS

PMI announced the latest model IQOS ILUMA series of heat-not-burn tobacco IQOS and the exclusive tobacco TEREA sticks.

all 4 colors of IQOS ILUMA and 4 colors of IQOS ILUMA prime
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (including tax) is 12,980 yen(about €100) for the flagship model “IQOS ILUMA Prime” and 8,980 yen for the standard model “IQOS ILUMA”. A total of 11 types of “TEREA Sticks” will be lined up and will be available in a box of 20 for 550 yen (about €4.2).

More freedom to customize

The main difference between the two models in the ILUMA series is the design of the main unit, and the functionality is the same.

“IQOS ILUMA Prime” is available in four colors: Jade Green, Gold Khaki, Obsidian Black, and Bronze Taupe. It has a stylish design that uses aluminum for the main body and combines a wrap cover.

It is possible to customize with accessories that are a bit different from the conventional model, such as the main body wrap cover that allows you to select various materials such as fabric and leather, and the ring set at the tip of the holder.

“IQOS ILUMA” is available in 5 colors: Moss Green, Pebble Beige, Pebble Gray, Azure Blue, and Sunset Red.

Following the shape of “IQOS 3 DUO”, in addition to the main body door cover and sleeve, this also supports customization of the ring set at the tip of the holder.
The charger can be fully charged in about 135 minutes, and the holder can be charged 20 times. It corresponds to the continuous use of two.
In addition, new features include smart gestures that notify you of the number of times the remaining tobacco sticks can be used and the usage time by tapping or tilting the holder, and auto start and lights that automatically start heating when the stick is inserted. It is equipped with functions such as illumination, and users can enable / disable it according to their preference.

Innovative model that abolished the first blade in IQOS history

The biggest feature of the ILUMA series is the structure without a heating blade called the smart core induction system.
In the first place, conventional IQOS maximizes the taste of tobacco leaves by inserting a special tobacco stick into the blade inside the holder and heating the whole from the inside at a uniform temperature.

In the “ILUMA” series, this characteristic blade is abolished, while the heat attractant built into the TEREA Stick heats the tobacco leaves directly from the inside without burning them.

The sealed structure at the tip of the TEREA stick prevents tobacco residue from falling off, eliminating the need for cleaning after use. It solves IQOS’s biggest problems such as blade damage and cleaning effort.

In addition, many IQOS users feel that “IQOS ILUMA” smells less than conventional IQOS (* From November 2020 to March 2021, I smoked cigarettes in the past. From a survey of a total of 714 IQOS users conducted in Italy and Japan).

Initially, “TEREA Stick” has a total of 11 types, including 4 types of regular, 3 types of menthol, and 4 types of flavored menthol. In the future, we will expand our portfolio in a timely manner.
Since the “TEREA Stick” is exclusively for the “ILUMA” series, it is not compatible with conventional IQOS products.

Philip Morris International CEO Yacheck Olzac, who took the stage at the press conference online from his home country of Switzerland, said, “Like previous IQOS products, IQOS ILUMA produces an average of 95% less harmful components than cigarettes. It’s not without risk, but it’s a better option than cigarettes, “he said.” Now, 20 million adult smokers around the world are choosing IQOS as a better option. We will continue to work to achieve our goal of having more than 40 million adult smokers switch to our smoke-free products by 2025. ” He hoped that the new IQOS would be a tailwind.


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