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This hot summer, PMI promotes mint flavors at low prices

By July 22, 2022July 27th, 2022IQOS

PMI announced on July 12 that it will sell six flavors of “SENTIA” tobacco sticks exclusively for the heated tobacco IQOS ILUMA that had been sold in advance in some areas. The price is set at 530 yen(about US $3.9), which is lower than the currently available “TEREA” at 580 yen(about US $4.2). It will be on sale from July 15th in Japan, aiming to promote the transition from paper rolls.
All 6 flavors in the lineup
[Image] All 6 flavors in the lineup

The company started pre-sale of SENTIA in 29 prefectures in April. As a result, it is popular among people in their 20s and 30s as well as TEREA, and it is said that it has gained a lot of support from male users over 50 years old compared to TEREA. As for user trends, more HEETS users, low-priced cigarette smokers, and heat-not-burn tobacco users from other companies have moved to switch to IQOS ILUMA, leading to the acquisition of new users. In addition, it was popular not only in “South Tohoku” where heat-not-burn tobacco is infiltrated, but also in “West Japan” and “Hokkaido region” where the transition is not progressing. The lineup includes regular “Deep Bronze” and “Clear Silver”, menthol “Icy Black”, “Frost Green” and “Fresh Emerald”, and flavored menthol ” Fresh Purple “.We prepared 6 brands. It is said that menthol was popular in the areas where it was sold in advance, and “Icy Black” and “Frost Green” were especially favored. In April, the company lowered the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the two IQOS Ilma series products and the “Lil Hybrid,” and in March, released the new device “IQOS ILUMA ONE” at the suggested retail price of 3980 yen.

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