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Can I smoke e-cigarettes on the plane?

By July 29, 2021August 25th, 2021Blog

Beijing Toutiao learned on July 28 that the Public Security Bureau of Capital Airport has received multiple cases of in-flight e-cigarette smoking in recent days, and has imposed penalties on relevant offenders in accordance with the law.

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On July 10, 2021, a passenger absorbed an e-cigarette in the cabin of a departing flight, and the crew immediately stopped and called the police. The police arrived at the scene and learned that Li had become addicted to cigarettes due to a long waiting time at the airport, so he couldn’t help smoking an electronic cigarette while waiting for take-off on the plane. After the staff reminded, Li Moumou immediately stopped smoking e-cigarettes.

On July 13, 2021, the Public Security Bureau of Capital Airport received an alarm stating that a man smoked an electronic cigarette on a flight arriving in Beijing. After investigation by the police, Lu XX became addicted to cigarettes. He was taxiing on the plane and smoked, and secretly took the e-cigarette in his hand and took a sip. Unexpectedly, the smoke that emerged was discovered by the security officer and stopped immediately.
According to the “Public Security Administration Penalty Law of the People’s Republic of China,” the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau imposed administrative penalties on the two.

Reminder: As early as 2006, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a special “Announcement on Prohibiting the Use of Electronic Cigarettes on Airplanes”, which clarified the necessity of absorbing electronic cigarettes in aircraft cabins and airport control areas. The smoke generated by e-cigarettes is very likely to trigger the smoke alarm device on the plane, cause passengers to fear, and even cause serious consequences such as flight delays. In addition, electronic cigarettes contain flammable and explosive substances such as batteries and e-liquid, and there are potential safety hazards such as battery explosion and e-liquid leakage. If you accidentally catch a fire, it will cause immeasurable and serious consequences.

Aviation safety is no small matter. Summer is here, the Capital Airport police remind passengers that they must abide by relevant laws and regulations when flying, and it is strictly forbidden to smoke e-cigarettes in the cabin and airport control areas. Don’t try your luck. The Public Security Bureau of the Capital Airport will continue to severely crack down on various illegal acts that endanger the safety of civil aviation transportation in accordance with the law.

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