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Heat not burn development history, structure, main brands and all you need to know

By June 28, 2022Blog

1、What is Heat Not Burn

Heat not burn(HNB), low temperature smoke, It is a new type of tobacco product that combines heating equipment and cartridges. Utilize special heating device(smoking set)processed tobacco(Special pod)heated to a certain temperature, Heat cut tobacco enough to emit smoke, for human consumption. Its advantage is that it reduces damage. And restore the pure taste of cigarettes. Throat hit, Provide smokers with a cigarette replacement method that is most similar to traditional cigarettes.

girl smoking Heat not burn

2. HNB development history?

The history and reasons for the development of heat not burn tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are the same. People’s demands for health, Forcing tobacco giants in various countries to speed up the research and development of new types of tobacco. Since 1988, Tobacco giants of various countries are rushing to propose carbon heating. Heat-not-burn tobacco products in many different forms, including electric heating, Premiere,  eclipse and other brands, However, due to the complex composition of tobacco, Poor taste restoration, etc. , It has always been difficult for the public to accept. Until the first generation of IQOS produced by the international tobacco giant Philip Morris in early 2015, Directly detonate the electronic cigarette market, has been popular so far. now, The global new tobacco industry presents a scene of a hundred schools of thought contending.

3. What technologies are mainly involved in heat not burn equipment?

The main technical point involved in heat not burn equipment is heat source. heating equipment. Control System. Tobacco formulations and materials. Overall structure design, etc.   The core technology of heat-not-burn tobacco products is mainly reflected in tobacco formulations and materials.  Product overall structure design.  Additives and Adsorbents. heating equipment. control system, etc.

4. What is the structure of heat not burn products?

Heating not burning is divided into two parts: heating cigarettes and heating not burning pods, by battery compartment. Temperature Control System. Heating chamber. Four parts of the body, Heating appliances are powered by rechargeable batteries, The battery determines the continuous smoking life of the smoking device;Heat-not-burn pods are divided into smoking sections. cooling section. The filter segment consists of three parts, The smoking segment is an important part, After the smoking section is heated in the heating chamber, Emitting smoke similar to traditional cigarettes, Supplies for inhalers through the cooling section and filter section.

structure of heat not burn products

heating appliance(smoking set)

5. What heating methods do heat not burn cigarettes have?

There are currently three heating methods as follows:.

central heating:High heat utilization. good thermal insulation

Ring heating:Large heating area, High heat transfer efficiency

Compound heating:Relatively uniform heating effect and high heat transfer area, can effectively reduce heating temperature, Improve the thermal insulation performance and endurance of smoking sets

6. Leading brands of Heat not burn.

  • IQOS:Heat not burn smoking set, mainly based on IQOS of Philip Morris International;
  • UWOO:The Y1 and Ym launched by UWOO are selling well in Japan and South Korea, can be sold by proxy;
  • GLO:BAT’s iFuse and glo;
  • Ploom: Prum of Japan Tobacco(Ploom).
  • LIL: Korean KT&G’s lil, mainly.

UWOO Yp Heat not burn device

7. The difference between heat not burn products and traditional cigarettes?

Currently, Heat not burn pods on the market are divided into:Tobacco-containing and non-tobacco categories. The same thing between pods containing tobacco and traditional tobacco is that they both use real tobacco, The nicotine needed by the supply smoker. smoke. throat hit etc. ;The difference between non-tobacco cartridges and traditional tobacco is that they are processed multiple times through technology. , The smoke section of the pod can emit smoke similar to traditional tobacco during the heating process, for human consumption;The difference between heat-not-burn pods and traditional tobacco is that heat-not-burn is the use of external equipment to only heat and not burn. , Temperature around 350°C, Harmful substances are greatly reduced. When traditional tobacco is lit and smoked, Temperature between 600°C-800°C, More than 4000 kinds of harmful substances will be produced when burning.

8. heat not burn smoking(HNB) Differences from conventional electronic cigarettes?

Both are for consumers to ingest nicotine through special smoking equipment, Hazards to consumers have been largely reduced, But e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, nebulizing a nicotine-containing liquid to form a gas that is inhaled into the mouth, At the same time add into various chemical flavors, DIY a variety of tastes. The raw materials used in heat not burn are tobacco or non-tobacco plants, In addition to providing nicotine, Also able to release real similar to traditional cigarettes”smoke”.


9. Who are the main consumers of heat not burn?

1. who need to quit smoking. These smokers are generally older, Want to quit smoking but can’t, only by drawing less. Change to smoking slim cigarettes and other ways to reduce smoking, like myself, thick branch before, now for the body, Smoking slim cigarettes, And strictly control the amount of smoking per day. So if there is a cigarette that can be smoked with confidence, Still want to try it.

2. young consumers. Young people pursue individuality, like to be different, Also very willing to try new things, And the smoking age is not long, Dependence on cigarettes is not high, Easy acceptance of these new types of tobacco products.


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