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4 reasons why Uwoo Y1 experience fully crush iqos 3

By January 19, 2021Heat not burn news

1.Heating speed and ease of use

When you insert the heatstick into Y1, press for 2 seconds to start, you can see the bottom one of the 4 indicator lights on Y1 lights up, and then the second, third, fourth, and then Y1 vibrates for 1 second, telling You can start to use it. Some Y1 users commented that even watching the indicator lights rise slowly, it is also a kind of technological or sci-fi experience, which makes you feel comfortable in every detail.

uwoo y1 heat not burn
The whole process takes only 15 seconds, which is 25% faster than iqos 3. Some people will say that it is 5 seconds short,it doesn’t matter at all, however, a short wait is a matter of high marginal effect. For example, when you open a web page, you wait for 5 or 6 seconds, the webpage has not been opened yet, and you are already a little uncomfortable. When it is 7 or 8 seconds, you may no longer bear to close the webpage directly.

2.Battery capacity and number of uses

As a company with a battery technology background, the Uwoo Y1 overwhelm IQOS 3 even more. 3200mAh (Y1) vs. 830 mAh (IQOS 3 multi) shows the story in use: for one full charge, Y1 can be used for 40 heatsticks while iqos 3 only 10 . What does this mean? For many people who smoke, one pack of twenty cigarettes a day, when converted into heatsticks, may cause battery anxiety for ten sticks a day, as 3200mAh large-capacity battery, which is suitable for charging once a day.
uwoo y1 vs iqos 3 chart

3.Exclusive dust cover design and easy to clean

As many people who didn’t use Heat-not-burn devices may not be noticed. Easy cleaning is especially important for the long-term use of hnb device. Uwoo Y1 adopts an exclusive dust cover design, and you don’t want any impurities to enter near the heating rod. After using it for a period of time, you also want the heating rod to be kept clean. Otherwise, the residue of the heatsticks on the heating rod will affect the heat conduction of the heating process, which will affect the taste and smell.

4.Multiple temperature options

Different people like different brands of liquor or wine, and they like them at different temperatures.
As when we are smoking cigarettes by burning it, we don’t have a choice in terms of temperature, but Uwoo gives heat not burn a better answer, now you can have multiple temperature options.
UWOO encourages you to find your preference through temperature adjustment, AND Y1 provides 305-345°C 4 levels of temperature adjustment.
For different brands of heatsticks , they have different materials and different molecular densities. The smoke produced by heating at different temperatures has different effects, but if you have only one option in terms of temperature, it doesn’t mean is not fun, but it is also simple.

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