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Glo new device will be released soon

By July 13, 2022Heat not burn news

It has been revealed that British American Tobacco (BAT) will hold a “new device launch” in the near future.

BAT is promoting the transition to non-combustible products such as heat-not-burn tobacco, which has the potential to reduce health risks, in order to realize the organization’s “A Better Tomorrow ™”. It said that he is promoting “tobacco harm reduction” that reduces the impact on health from business activities, and aims to further promote “tobacco harm reduction”, and will release new devices from heated tobacco glo ™. It seems that it will be released starting with Japan, which is one of the ceremonial tobacco markets .

The image on the left is "Lucky Strike Limited Model", and the image on the right is "Glo Hyper Plus Unique".

The following is a prediction, but I don’t think it will be a device renewal that makes it impossible to suck the sticks so far. Many sticks for neo, KENT, KOOL and Glo Hyper have already been released, and I think it will be the “next generation Glo Hyper” that makes use of them.

glo has the second largest share of heat-not-burn tobacco, and is chasing IQOS, which has the highest share. In 2021, IQOS launched the bladeless “IQOS ILUMA”, which has been receiving a lot of attention.

We will keep you informed about the new glo as soon as we know the details.

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