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6 FIIT blast flavors of KT&G LIL

By December 31, 2021Heat not burn news

Since Philip Morris International launched the heat-not-burn e-cigarette IQOS in Japan, the entire heat-not-burn industry has also begun to attract attention. KT&G, also a tobacco giant, quickly responded: KT&G was in the South Korean market in 2017. The self-developed heat-not-burn lil was launched, and the special bead-type “Fiit” heatsticks was also officially launched. This cartridge has a unique burst of balls and a rare taste, which is different from the traditional original mint, so it is well received by everyone. Sought after. At first, the Korean local brand FIIT pop beads only had two flavors, one was blue lemon pop beads, lemon with mint flavor, and the other was yogurt pop beads. Soon after these two models, Hami melon pop beads and almonds (without pop beads) were launched. Two new flavors were launched at the end of this year, one is Green Apple and the other is Red Pomelo. There are a total of six flavors in the FIIT family.

FIIT Lemon Flavor

This is the first pod with explosive beads that can be used for iQOS. This brand of pod was originally launched for the South Korean hood lil (using lil to explode the beads has a great taste), but because the method of use is the same, iQOS can also be used. It’s just that the length of this cartridge is slightly longer than the iQOS special cartridge by 3 mm. However, only the filter part is longer, the tobacco part is still the same. The taste is also very unique. This one is lemon-flavored. If you don’t crush the pop beads, there will be no lemon flavor, but after crushing, the flavor will be very strong. The base of the cold smoke is accompanied by the fragrance of lemon. When inserting this cartridge, pay attention to it. The lines of the shredded tobacco should face the direction of the heating plate, otherwise it will be easily interrupted. Generally speaking, this flavor is worth recommending and it is very tasty.

FIIT Yogurt Flavor

You read it right, it’s yogurt flavor. However, what does the yogurt taste of the cartridge taste like? Let me tell you: take the cartridge out and smell it, and there is no special smell. Crush the popped beads and a strong yogurt flavor will come out. Yes, it is indeed yogurt. Then insert the cartridge into the hood and heat it up. The first few puffs have a light milky aroma, which is very light. After that, it is the base of the cold cigarette, and the yogurt flavor is gone. There is also a slight bitterness in the mouth at the beginning, but this feeling of bitterness can be ignored after the habit. So about this cartridge, the taste is very special and it is worth trying.

FIIT Cantaloupe Explosive Beads

A new product just launched, with a lively taste, similar to the mixed flavor of tropical fruits such as cantaloupe and mango. Just take the first bite, you will find that this pod is very similar to the previously launched lemon squishy beads. , But the taste is better. It is also based on mint flavor, and the sweet and fruity aroma is very pleasing, and it will be very comfortable for people next to you to smell it. This cartridge should be the best fiit blasting beads at present, and it is worth recommending to try.

FIIT Almond

The only fiit cartridge without blast. Creamy almond, smells a bit of bubble gum, like sweet, but don’t like to smoke mint, you are looking for an extreme fragrant pod, this almond pod is your only choice.

FIIT New Flavor Green Apple

It should be regarded as the coolest fruit-flavored bead in the firecracker series. The taste is similar to lime, and the fiit with the bead will be cooler. If you like the cool system, don’t miss it~

FIIT new flavor red grapefruit

Red grapefruit is also called grapefruit burst beads, but in fact, the smell of opening the box is the fragrance of oranges, the taste of mint is moderate, and the sweetness of oranges is more, there is a kind of Fanta drink I really like the taste. , Fiit new taste, tasted the taste, the fruity taste, a bit like the mixed taste of orange and grapefruit is the kind of fruit gum taste, very fragrant, girls should like this taste very much. The update speed of Korean smoke bombs is really fast.

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