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Can you buy heets in uk

By January 25, 2021Heat not burn news

Study says, heating tobacco but not combust would produce much less harmful chemical than ordinary smoking.

We all know that the higher the temperature, the more intense the chemical reaction,  the tempure of burning ciggarettes is 800 – 900℃, which produce much more unhealthy chemical you don’t want.And iqos is heating tobacco at a much lower tempure of 350℃.

Legal aspect, if smoking ordinary cigarettes is legal in your country , heat not burn should be legal too.But ciggarette is also a big economic issues , but thankfully , iqos is legal in UK and europe, also Japan and Korea and so on. Heets is a brand of heatsticks/tobacco sticks specially designed to be heated by an HNB (heat-not-burn )device. It’s legal you purchase heets in UK.

As you are seaching for how to buy heets in uk . The Uwoo Ym is a much better version of iqos.

Not only Ym looks much cooler , but also it is very useful , such as 15s rapid preheating, multiple temperature options and so much more , you may wanna find out : UWOO Ym


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