CIGOO: First launch of heat-not-burn cartridge compatible with IQOS ILUMA

By November 1, 2021March 4th, 2022Heat not burn news

As the top stream in the heat-not-burn industry, IQOS has attracted much attention for its new generation of products. Beginning in 2020, various Reuters news has become the circle of talks. According to the published information, Philip Morris International registered the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA PRIME trademarks in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on December 15, 2020, and used them to heat cigarettes or tobacco. Patent related to electronic devices and their parts that release nicotine-containing aerosols for inhalation.

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It is reported that the online live PPT of the Murphy Group Investment Conference in mid-February 21 revealed some new product introductions: the new IQOS will use new electromagnetic heating technology. This generation of products solves the cleaning problem of smoking utensils that consumers have been criticizing before, and also brings more sufficient low-temperature heating technology and better smoking taste. The upgrade of this function has triggered many heat-not-burn companies to start thinking about how to take the user experience as the starting point to continue to innovate in what direction the heat-not-burn products should develop and evolve.

As a leading brand in the domestic heat-not-burn industry, CIGOO’s core advantage has always been the R&D strength of low-temperature heat-not-burn products and the global layout of independent intellectual property rights. CIGOO started scientific research very early to develop a new generation of low-temperature herbal products. In addition to adapting to traditional heating methods, CIGOO uses electromagnetic heating, infrared heating, air heating, ceramic segmented heating and other heating methods, and The application of granular low-temperature herbal products continues to carry out technical reserves and a multi-faceted patent layout.

Fully taking into account the domestic consumers’ continuous pursuit of better products, the new generation of heating methods for IQOS ILUMA smoking sets has also been prepared for product research and development. The expert team of CIGOO Laboratories has prepared several projectile technical solutions that can be mass-produced and applied stably before the product is released. As a specialized company with more than 70 domestic and foreign patents after only two years of establishment, CIGOO has further improved CIGOO’s first particle smoke generation and integrated molding for the new generation of heating smoking appliance related projectile-related patents. Low-temperature heating non-combustible products are suitable for intellectual property patent system.

Preparation before R&D test

It is reported that Philip Morris released a new generation of IQOS ILUMA in Japan on August 17, which can only be purchased in 5 offline stores. For the research and development work, CIGOO specially started with this product and found that the protective cover of the ILUMA PRIME charging compartment is leather + fiber fabric, which can be replaced and mixed as desired. The total weight is about 171.5 grams. The equipment does not match all the low-temperature herbal products sold before, and currently only TEREA, a special product made for ILUMA, can be used in the Japanese market.

CIGOO Cryogenic Herbal Projectile

CIGOO moved to the Yunnan High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park on August 23, and carried out the CIGOO CIGOO low-temperature herbal projectile test adapted to IQOS ILUMA in the upgraded CIGOO laboratory. For comprehensive testing, the engineers of CIGOO Laboratories prepared a number of samples of 5 adaptation schemes.

Test feedback

ILUMA has no heating plate or heating needle, and has a self-heating function (insert it to heat). After testing, the overall use is no different from the official description. The heating time is 20 seconds, and the overall suction is about 15 ± 1 mouth.

CIGOO’s new generation of adaptable projectiles triggers heating stably throughout the entire process, and the amount of smoke is significantly improved! The smoking taste and the abundance of smoke have been significantly improved.

Pull out the bomb, you can see that the sealing paper is not broken, the suction process is cleaner and hygienic, and it can also be concluded that the use of ILUMA such a non-invasive (heating needle or heating sheet) heating device can make The trouble of cleaning the heater and the breakage of the heating plate is directly returned to zero.

CIGOO’s focus

The adaptation of CIGOO’s new low-temperature herbal products to IQOS ILUMA has been fully verified. According to experts from the CIGOO laboratory, adapting to the new generation of heaters is not for the CIGOO technical team and various professional manufacturers in the domestic low-temperature heating and non-combustion industry. Difficult, CIGOO’s focus is to better adapt the cartridge body to the new generation of heaters. After preliminary verification, it needs to be further optimized to bring consumers a better experience.

According to CIGOO experts, due to the natural advantages of high air permeability and intrusive sealing at the front end of CIGOO’s projectile products, CIGOO Laboratories is still continuing to explore, and has been developing compatible heaters and ILUMA series. The product is designed to solve the problem that the new generation of projectiles can only be adapted to ILUMA’s special smoking sets, so that a product can be applied to various heating and non-combustion appliances at the same time, bringing more convenience to consumers. I believe that there will be more surprises for CIGOO users in the near future, giving you one more choice, and you will love every moment you spend with CIGOO!

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