Easy replacement and quick charging. JT upgrades their heated cigarettes devices

By January 19, 2022Heat not burn news

Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has recently released “Ploom Tech Plus 1.5”, which is a straight version of the low-temperature heat-not-burn tobacco device “Ploom Tech Plus”, to its “CLUB JT Online Shop”.

The “Ploom Tech Plus” series is available in two types: the elongated straight type “Ploom Tech Plus” and the compact type “Ploom Tech Plus with” that fits in your hand.

The straight type “Ploom Tech Plus 1.5” released this time has the same taste and aroma, but compared to the previous version, it is easier to assemble parts and replace liquids, and the full charge time is about 90. It was shortened from 1 minute to about 60 minutes.

There are 5 colors, modern black, pure white, warm ivory, lamp orange, and plant khaki, and it is 2980 yen including tax.

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