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Finally on sale nationwide! Ploom X “Champagne Gold” that makes you happy for the New Year on Christmas

By December 24, 2021December 27th, 2021Heat not burn news

The heat-not-burn tobacco “Ploom X” released by JT is very popular, but are you all using it? It’s fluffy and infinite puff puff is the best! So, this time, along with new product information, I will introduce how to enjoy the Ploom series as Men Solar, and CLUB JT that all smokers will definitely get.

Ploom X "Champagne Gold"

One day in November, JT suddenly released it.

From December 14th, “Champagne Gold” will be on sale at CLUB JT online shops, Ploom Shops nationwide, some convenience stores nationwide, and tobacco stores.

Ploom X already has two units, silver and slate gray, the biggest attraction of Ploom X is the “feeling of sucking” unique to high temperature heating, and the infinite puff that you can smoke as many times as you like for 5 minutes;
The new color variation “Champagne Gold” was also quickly obtained and started to be used. It seems that this is a limited quantity, so if you are a Ploom X fan, let’s get it early.

Ploom X all 3 colorsPloom X "Champagne Gold" unboxed

When taken out of the box, it was more elegant than I had imagined, and it felt like the original silver with a thin layer of yellow and vermilion. This is elegant. I also have some gold models of mobile phones and PCs, but I was impressed with the champagne gold of Ploom X because it is mostly Moro gold color. It feels like a thinned pink gold, which is a precious metal.

Then, what is Ploom X?

There are four types of menthol. Mobius is menthol cold and menthol fresh, and camel is menthol cold and menthol black mint. This was pretty confusing. You don’t have to decide which one to use, but it’s hard to go around and decide, and now it’s Camel’s menthol cold school.

If you go through convenience store, you may make a mistake quite a few times, but there is also a feature that you can not make a mistake with the previous Camel Menthol Box 8 and this menthol cold. The paper roll has a large letter of 8 in dark green, and in Ploom X, this is the only green package of camel, so it’s okay. What’s more, you can buy the Ploom X camel for just 500 yen without raising the price. I want to say this again loudly, thank you JT!

I also buy “Mevius Option Purple” for when I want to change my mood once in a while. This is also a new Ploom X tobacco stick, which was released at the same time as “Mevius Option Yellow”, but when you put the capsule in, the “exhilarating” scent will come out of your nose. My uncle liked purple more than yellow.

By the way, it is Ploom TECH + with of indoor “while” sucking, but this is no other than the latest “FROZEN”. Until then, I used to go back and forth between white, gold, and green CLEAR MINT, or black, gold, and dark green PREMIUM GOLD, and I made a mistake buying this several times, but thanks to FROZEN. Complete unification was established. If you are a Men Solar, please give it a try. It’s about “256 times” cooler than “no humper”.

Do you know “CLUB JT”?

It’s a closed site on the net, but if you are a Ploom user, leave it as a member for product registration. I think there are many people who are doing it.This is because the sub-site “Ploom X Club” for Ploom X users has started. This is a pretty fashionable site, with cool information, goods, and above all, food information.

What’s even better is that CLUB JT makes points for both futu cigarettes and Ploom Thech. Isn’t this epoch-making? Even though it is a cigarette with a uniform price all over Japan, if it is a JT product, you can receive a reverse rotation kick on this site.

Points can be used to apply for lottery, and can be exchanged for products and peripherals of Ploom. You should definitely become a member !

Then, everyone, have a good year with Good Smoke next year!

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