How to become a heat not burn wholesaler

By August 27, 2021Heat not burn news

Can I become a heat-not-burn wholesaler and how?

Heat not burn is the alternative of cigarettes, at present, the profit margin of cigarette sales has been extremely low. Now the HNB market is in the early stage of melee, which means opportunities.

If you want to become a heat not burn wholesaler, you need to find a manufacture or a brand.
UWOO the NOVA of Heat not burn industry. So far, their products are the richest features, the highest quality.
Such as Yp the 2021 new heat not burn device, is an electronic device that heats tobacco from the inside without burning it. Perfect compartible with most of heatsticks.
Check video below and you have a understanding about Yp.

Like I said there is more than IQOS in the heat not burn industry, but such as UWOO, GLO, lil, and so on, there are also many other heatsticks brands :

different heat-not-burn heatsticks

In conclusion, it is not difficult to become a high-income wholesaler. It is mostly about choice. First you have to choose the right industry, such as Heat-not-burn industry, it is a trend, heat-not-burn gonna be alternative to cigarettes, so the market is huge; And then you have to choose the right provider. For iqos, they are already selling their product themselves, they have high bargaining chips, even if you become wholesaler of iqos, they will have high restrictions on you, and you can only get a small share. Because large listed companies like them are unwilling to distribute the profits to you, hoping to let you work for them at the lowest cost.

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