How does heat not burn work? What is the working principle of HNB

By August 26, 2021Heat not burn news

With the increasingly severe global tobacco control environment, new types of tobacco such as Heat not burn have attracted worldwide attention.Heat-not-burns are increasing in quantity, and the safety of products is getting more and more attention.

1. How does Heat not burn work?

First, let’s take a look at the heat-not-burn e-cigarettes that global tobacco giants have been working on recent years, also known as HNB (Philip Morris will invest another 100 million US dollars this year to develop its traditional cigarette alternatives, and the heat-not-burn market is gradually expanding).

uwoo ym heat not burn with marlboro sticks

Heat-not-burn tobacco products are new types of tobacco products that use special heating devices (smoking sets) to heat the processed tobacco (heat sticks such as Heets) to a certain temperature, but do not ignite the tobacco, so that the tobacco is only heated without burning, and is heated enough to emit smoke. The taste is closer to real smoke. The way the cartridge/heatstick is used is not ignited in the air, and a relatively low degree of thermal cracking can occur when electric heating is around 300°C / 572°F.

heat not burn thermistor temperatureThe heating temperature of the HNB is relatively high. How to detect and control the temperature? In the new type of electronic cigarettes (atomization and heat-not-burn), temperature control is generally set. At present, temperature control methods are used to monitor more, that is, the temperature information is calculated by calculating the resistance of the heating wire through the host chip. Another is to add temperature sensitive protection components, namely thermistors, which are generally used to monitor the temperature of PCB boards, MOS tubes, and batteries.



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