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Introduction of All flavors of Heets heatsticks

By January 28, 2021February 28th, 2022Heat not burn news

There are many types of IQOS heatstikcs, including Marlboro produced by IQOS, Japanese, Korean, European heatsticks, and Kazakhstan versions.  But this time let me introduce you to Heets sticks. The flavors of Heets sticks are not as exciting as Marlboro. It has a unique mellow taste. It is like a person with a story. It is worth savoring.

Firstly let’s talk about the rough impression of Heets sticks

Heets Original Flavor Series

Amber Label–Amber strong original flavor ★★★★★
Yellow Label–Yellow Original Flavor ★★★★
Silver Label–Silver original flavor ★★★

Heets cool flavor series

Green Label–green light mint ★★★★★
Turquoise Label–Turquoise lighter mint ★★★★
Blue Label–blue thick mint ★★★
Purple Label–Purple ice grape ★★★

The last one is the German version of Heets which is relatively rare

Bronze Label–German Heets rum ★★★

Next, let’s talk about the flavors of Heets sticks

Many people say that the special alcohol actually refers to this amber’s strong original flavor, which was once fired high because it is really difficult to buy, depending on luck. The taste is relatively strong but not dry, especially when it is snorted, it will not irritate the throat, and it is still smooth. No wonder it is called special mellow, but the fragrance is not as light as the original Marlboro. A taste that is still very recommended.

Heets yellow original

There are two original flavors of Heets. This yellow color is considered to be the more popular one. The taste is very similar to traditional tobacco, with a light tobacco flavor. After inhaling one, it will leave a smooth feeling in the mouth and has a very unique flavor. Tobacco is greasy and fragrant, which is not the same as the original flavor of Marlboro. I recommend you to try it.

Heets silver original flavor

The other original flavor of Heets is better to buy. I personally feel that it is slightly dry and astringent than the original yellow flavor. The fragrance and oiliness are slightly worse. It is close to the taste of real smoke, and the fragrance is not so obvious. It is suitable for those who like plain and non-irritating smoke. people.

Heets green light mint

Very clear and clean mint flavour. Compared with Marlboro, the mint flavour is refreshing, but it is slightly stronger and more powerful. If you can accept the light mint flavor of Marlboro, then you must try this Heets light mint, and choose the one you like more after comparison.

Heets turquoise light mint

Turquoise is difficult to buy. It was once fried higher than amber. It has a light mint flavor and a very special fragrance.

Heets blue thick mint

The enhanced mint flavour is very refreshing. Smokers who like Marlboro thick mint should not miss it.

Heets purple ice grape

This ice grape has the scent of mint + grape. Compared with Marlboro, the grape flavor is much stronger, but it is also very cool, so it is called “ice grape”. Smokers who prefer the taste of grapes recommend buying ice grapes from Heets.

German Heets rum

I have tasted one, it does have a little rum flavor, but I am not used to it. It’s hard to buy, so I didn’t take a closer look.

These 8 flavors of Heets sticks should be the most comprehensive introduction, and they are really not worse than Marlboro. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Marlboro is not good. It’s still the same sentence. There are hundreds of flavors. I just suggest you try Heets. Except for the relatively high price of Amber, the other prices are quite fair.

Tropical Yellow – Heets new flavor July 2021

update: July 1, 2021.

The new tropical yellow release time : July 1, 2021. Release location: Japan. Available for purchase date: July 5, 2021.
Tropical Yellow: A fruity menthol with a refreshing acidity on a tobacco stick exclusively for IQOS.
Price would be around US$4.5/pack.

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