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By September 2, 2021October 27th, 2021Heat not burn news

We all know heat-not-burn is much cooler, and it’s becoming a trend of cigarettes alternatives. But is heat-not-burn safe? In my opinion, this issue should be discussed in two aspects:
1. The heat-not-burn technology itself;  2. Different cartridges/heatsticks.

1. The principle of heating and not burning is very simple. By heating the substance in the cartridge to a specific temperature (290-350°C), gas is produced for inhalation. Traditional cigarettes are lit at a temperature above 600°C and the temperature is extremely high. In the process of smoking, cigarettes, including the paper wrapped in the outer layer, will be burned and produce a large amount of harmful gases to the human body. Because the combustion is accompanied by incomplete combustion, it will also produce carbon monoxide (CO), which is proven to be toxic to the human body.
In general, heating without burning reduces the generation of harmful gases, so it can be considered relatively safe. You may also interested: UWOO Yp heat not burn devices.

girl using UWOO heat not burn with BAOS cartridge<girl using UWOO heat not burn with BAOS cartridge >

2. At present, the heat-not-burn cartridge on the market are divided into two categories: tobacco-containing and tobacco-free. Tobacco-containing cartridge and traditional tobacco are similar in that they use real tobacco, which can provide the nicotine, smoke flavor, and throat sensation needed by smokers; while the difference between tobacco-free cartridge and traditional tobacco is that Through multiple processing techniques, the smoking section of the cartridge can emit smoke similar to traditional tobacco during the heating process for people to smoke;
Although heating non-combustion can reduce the inhalation of a large number of chemicals produced by combustion, heatsticks containing nicotine are still considered harmful to health, such as HEETS, Marlboro, etc., and heatsticks that do not contain nicotine, such as BAOS and CIGOO. It is recognized as absolutely safe for the human body, but because it does not contain nicotine, its harm is close to zero compared to traditional cigarettes.
It is worth mentioning that some manufacturers add tea, licorice, Chinese medicine and other ingredients to non-nicotine cartridge . They believe that these herbs are not only harmless to the human body, but on the contrary have certain benefits to health and promote metabolism. Not long ago, the method of vaccination against covid19 by steam inhalation was invented. Therefore, this approach makes sense.

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