JT raises prices of heat-not-burn tobacco due to tax increase

By August 24, 2021Heat not burn news

JT announced that it will raise the price of 50 heat-not-burn tobacco brands in line with the review of the taxation system for heat-not-burn tobacco on October 1. The price will be raised together with a total of 173 brands such as cigarettes and cigars other than heat-not-burn tobacco.

When reviewing the taxation method for heat-not-burn tobacco, the retail price will be revised and the price will be raised by 30 yen per box, except for some brands. The target is the Mevius brand and the Pianissimo brand. JT has released a comparison table of old and new retail prices, but it does not include the camel brand.

An application for approval to revise the retail price of tobacco will be submitted to the Minister of Finance, and after receiving approval from the Minister of Finance, the price will be raised from October 1. For cigarettes and cigars, we applied for it on July 30 and received approval on August 13. Philip Morris Japan has also announced a price increase on October 1st.

Revised price of a representative brand

・ Mevius Plume Tech exclusive use Current 540 yen → Revised 570 yen
・ Mevius Plume Tech Plus exclusive use: Current 550 yen → Revised 580 yen
・ For Mevius Plume X Plume S Current 540 yen → 570 yen after revision

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