KT&G heating tobacco device “lil HYBRID”

By August 19, 2021Heat not burn news

KT&G’s heating tobacco device “lil HYBRID”

PMI, which develops IQOS, announced that it will expand the sales area of KT & G’s smoke-free heating tobacco device “lil HYBRID introduced by IQOS” worldwide.

From August 20th at IQOS stores, will start selling at some railway convenience stores, and some tobacco dealers.

The “Lil Hybrid,” which was released only in the Miyagi and Fukuoka areas from October 26, last year, is characterized by the hybrid taste that combines the exclusive tobacco stick “MIIX (mix)” and the liquid cartridge. It can be used continuously up to 20 on a full charge and up to 3 at a time. It uses a status display that shows at a glance the number of times it can be used and the remaining amount of liquid by displaying the icon.

PMI President Sherry Go said, “With the agreement signed and announced in January 2020 between Philip Morris International and KT & G, a major Korean tobacco company, KT & G’s smoke-free heat-not-burn tobacco. Since we started selling the equipment, adult smokers mainly in Miyagi and Fukuoka prefectures have talked about the taste and functionality, especially the fact that cleaning is not required and the status display is easy to see. I am honored to receive your favorable comments, “explained that there was a positive response from users behind the nationwide sales.

“Lil Hybrid, like IQOS, does not use fire and does not emit smoke, so harmful components are significantly reduced compared to cigarettes. Also, compared to cigarettes, it remains in the air, such as around you. For the company, which aims for a “smoke-free society,” the product has a wider range of taste, price, and technology options, along with IQOS products, and is switching from cigarettes to heat-not-burn tobacco. We are expecting to accelerate it.

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