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LAMI Zero+HNB heatsticks review

By March 2, 2022Heat not burn news

LAMI Zero+ is a heat-not-burn Heatsticks brand. It is a brand created with a strong backgroud of state-owned cigarette company. In 2021, it will cooperate with UWOO and launch a combination of products. So, let’s try it!


LAMI Zero+ Origin flavor

LAMI Zero+ Origin flavor

The whole pack is the same as cigarettes, 10 sticks in each pack, sealed with moisture-proof stickers. The outer packaging is marked with flavor intensity, coolness, and nicotine content. However, the nicotine content is not indicated in specific numerical form. LAMI zero+ heasticks are nicotine-containing herbal products that do not contain tobacco ingredients, so they can still be classified as electronic cigarettes. In addition to the original tobacco in the picture, there are also coffee mint flavored products with 0 nicotine.


Summary: The smoke output is relatively small, and even the maximum power will not be smoky. The first experience requires an adaptation process. The taste is smooth, and the mouth will not be dry after smoking, which is better than cigarettes and vaping. But because there is no tobacco ingredient, the degree of addiction relief is weaker than that of IQOS tobacco-containing products that I have experienced before.

Tobacco taste: The taste is similar to mixed cigarettes, but it is very soft. The first taste of smoking flue-cured tobacco and steam cigarettes will be choking, which requires an adaptation process.

LAMI Zero+ 0 Nicotine coffee flavor

LAMI Zero+ 0 Nicotine coffee flavor

0 Nicotine coffee flavor: The coffee flavor is strong, but it needs a small sip, and a large sip will cause the coffee flavor and mint flavor to be obviously layered.

In addition, there is an iced coffee flavor with coolness 5, coffee flavor 3, and nicotine 0. I tried it in the store, and the flavor is similar to the coffee I bought.

It is actually measured that a pod can be used for about 15 puffs, and the residual temperature after automatic shutdown can support 2-3 puffs. Pressing 10 ports to fill a device is enough to finish 20 bottles.

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