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lil launches new heat-not-burn smoking device lil mini

By January 13, 2022Heat not burn news

With the rapid popularity of IQOS, lil, UWOO and other heat-not-burn products in Japan and South Korea in the past two years, the concept of heat-not-burn is now quietly ignited in China. Their movements have become a hot spot for vapors to pay close attention to.

We have deeply analyzed the fact that IQOS is about to announce a new product. In fact, this has made us melon eaters a little excited. Now, apart from IQOS, among the heat-not-burn products, we are most concerned about the constant praise on the Korean website. ! Lil that has been out of stock since the production appointment sales date! ! ! We all know that lil has just released Plus, and it has been sought after by many people. It has not been long before this enthusiasm has passed, and now lil has launched a new model!

So how about the latest lil mini? Compared with lil Plus, what are the differences other than size? What price? And it is also a fiery product that does not burn, so it is inevitable to compare it with iqos. Let me take you to find out.

I have to say, compared to the previous generation of lil mini, lil and lil PLUS, this lil mini is really a cute one~~ the size is about the same size as a lipstick. The new color matching pearl white Tiffany blue is overflowing with girlish hearts. It can be said to be the most compact and convenient combustion electronic cigarette.

Friends who have bought minis in the surrounding area know that compared with IQOS, mini is smaller in size, more portable, smaller than lil PLUS, and about the same length as IQOS heating rod. The fuselage has a humanized design and an active cleaning slot, so that the cleaning problem is no longer difficult. It is easier to clean, and the heating of the lil is more sufficient. For those vapors who are fed up with the difficulty of cleaning IQOS, and the large size (you need to bring a charging box with you), it is time to resist!

After the improvement, the power has also become visualized, and the display of the power light has been added to itself. You will know in advance whether to charge or not, which can prevent the danger of power outages. It does seem more reassuring. But it is good, but it also has its own shortcomings. People who have used it know that after the fuselage is reduced, its battery life is not very good. After a full charge, it will run out of power after a dozen or so.

Finally, what we are most concerned about is the price of lil mini. It can be said that the price is really not cheap, it is more expensive than IQOS, and it is not allowed to be officially sold in China, so the price you get, you know, only More expensive, no cheaper. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to you.

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