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The latest heated tobacco device is 1480 yen !? “Transfer support discount” for “Ploom X” has started

By September 14, 2021Heat not burn news

From September 1st, “CLUB JT Online Shop” is a campaign where you can purchase the latest heated tobacco device “Ploom X”, which was just released by JT on August 17, 2021, for a whopping 1480 yen. It has started at “Ploom Shops” nationwide.

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[Photo] It is also a point that you can customize it to your liking using accessories such as the “front panel” (980 yen) that is available in all 7 colors.

“Ploom X” is a next-generation high-temperature heating tobacco device. The new concept of heating technology “HEATFLOW (R)” that focuses on airflow improves the flavor and absorption of tobacco leaves compared to conventional models. In addition, from the previous models in various aspects such as a stylish design that does not put a button on the surface of the device, easy-to-understand operability that allows you to intuitively check the usage status with LED and vibration, and a light and easy-to-carry size. It has evolved greatly.

The advantageous campaign “Transfer Support Discount” that is being carried out this time is to trade in the heat-not-burn tobacco device currently in use (including the past Ploom series and other companies’ products), and “Ploom X” will be released. You can get it for 1480 yen. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for “Ploom X” is 3980 yen, so if you use the campaign, you will get 2500 yen off. In addition to the “CLUB JT Online Shop” and “Ploom Shop” nationwide, which have already started the campaign, it will be held at some tobacco stores nationwide from October 4th (Monday). Check the official website of “Ploom X” for detailed target models.

When asked by a JT spokesperson about the aim of implementing such a big discount campaign as early as about one month from the start of sales, “As the number of smokers using heat-not-burn tobacco increases, users Some people said, “I’m not satisfied with the current device” and “I’m interested in Ploom products, but it’s difficult to purchase from a price point of view.” We have decided to start “Support Discount”. ”

“Ploom X” has been highly evaluated by users who have already purchased it, such as “The taste continues to the end and I am happy to smoke it deliciously.” If you are a smoker and want to try it out, you can try it at “Ploom Shops” nationwide, so don’t miss it.

At “VIVEL Shibuya” in Shibuya, Tokyo, an event “X_VISION inspired by Ploom X” is currently being held where you can enjoy interactive art that expresses the world of “Ploom X”. Until Sunday, November 14, 2021, you can actually check out art, “Ploom X” products, a wide variety of accessories, and tobacco sticks.

For smokers who are interested in “Ploom X”, the great “Transfer Support Discount” is a must-see opportunity!

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