The popular brand Lucky Strike is finally available exclusively for the heated cigarette Glo Hyper

By October 12, 2021October 13th, 2021Heat not burn news

On September 29, 2021, British American Tobacco (BAT) held a business strategy briefing and announced several new products. One of the most talked about is the “LUCKY STRIKE” brand, which is extremely popular for cigarettes, will finally appear as a stick for heat-not-burn tobacco. In addition, new tastes of the “neo” brand, new colors of devices, and new products of oral cigarettes have been announced, so let’s introduce them.

“Lucky Strike Rich Tobacco 12 Cigarettes for glo hyper” (left photo) and “Lucky Strike Dark Cigarette 12 Cigarettes” for “Glo Hyper” and “Glo Hyper Plus” For glo hyper “(right photo).

The representative brand of American cigarettes “Lucky Strike” can finally be smoked by heating!

Currently, the brands used for heat-not-burn tobacco are still just a few of the cigarette brands. Many people may be hesitant to switch from cigarettes to heat-not-burn because the brands they have been using for many years with cigarettes cannot be smoked.

Meanwhile, the American tobacco brand “Lucky Strike”, which is on a par with Philip Morris Japan’s “Marlboro”, will finally be released as a tobacco stick exclusively for “Glo Hyper” and “Glo Hyper Plus”. The price is 290 yen for 12 bottles (tax included), which is a strategic price setting. This is because I often enjoy smoking with a distribution of 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 6 in the evening. A box of 12 bottles may be the best solution for a day.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we were only at the stage of lifting the ban on information, but we could not actually try it, but since it is named “rich” and “dark”, we are in charge of the regular type of rich taste in the series. It seems. In addition, “Gel Technology” is newly adopted for “Dark”. Sheet-shaped gel is crushed and blended separately from tobacco leaves, so that you can enjoy the regular type taste and satisfaction when heated. Whatever the case, I’m really looking forward to seeing how much the taste of the “Lucky Strike” cigarette can be reproduced.

Limited quantity design
Limited quantity design “Glo Hyper Plus Leaf Edition” (980 yen) to be released to commemorate the sale of two “Lucky Strike” brands

“Neo Wild Menthol Stick” equipped with “Gel Technology” for the first time in the history of “glo”

Another new product of the exclusive tobacco stick has been announced.

From the “neo” brand, which has a stronger taste, “for Neo Wild Menthol Stick glo hyper” that adopted “Gel Technology”, which is also installed in the aforementioned “Lucky Strike Dark Tobacco”, will be released in 2021. It will be released from the 18th of March. This is also exclusively for “Glo Hyper” and “Glo Hyper Plus”.

This product was available, so I smoked it.

Menthol type that can change the taste by crushing the capsule built in the filter
Menthol type that can change the taste by crushing the capsule built in the filter

First, I smoked in the “standard mode” (about 250 ° C) of “Glow Hyper Plus”, but it was a moderately clean menthol type, and I could not feel “wildness”. However, when the capsules in the filter were crushed, the feeling of coolness rushed in at once, and a wild body feeling was added, changing to a heavier menthol taste. It’s honestly delicious. Certainly, the strength of mint seemed to be based up, and the taste lasted until the end of the 4 minute smoking time.

In “boost mode” (approx. 270 ° C), the sharp menthol feeling becomes stronger, and when the capsule is crushed, the stimulation reaches the maximum level so that the back of the throat is tingling! In this case, the smoking time was as short as 3 minutes, so the taste lasted without difficulty until the end.

In addition, “Gel Technology” is also adopted for this “Neo Wild Menthol Stick”. This is a blend of menthol-type gels, which, combined with menthol capsules, responds to user feedback that “I want to enjoy the taste and coolness of menthol for a longer period of time.”

Lucky Strike stick disassembled
When I actually disassembled the stick, a sheet-shaped gel was built in the tobacco leaf. It’s a “hidden taste” that makes it possible to enjoy the flavor and menthol of tobacco.

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