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Two types of consumers of heat not burn tobacco products

By November 12, 2021Heat not burn news

Heat-not-burn tobacco products will be the fastest growing product in the next five years. Its sales will reach 15.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, which is higher than the 2 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 and will reach a 691% increase.

uwoo ym heat-not-burn tobacco

Japan is currently the world’s largest market for heating non-combustion tobacco products, accounting for 96% of the global sales of such products; Germany is the second largest market, and the United States will surpass Germany in 2021; in addition, this category of products is the third and fourth The big markets are Switzerland and Portugal, and these two countries are also the fastest-growing markets.Different from traditional cigarettes, the “low temperature cigarettes” designed with the idea of ​​”heat not burn” can heat the tobacco leaves just enough to give off the flavor with

out igniting the tobacco leaves. Under normal circumstances, when ordinary cigarettes are smoked, the high temperature of 350°C to 600°C will produce many harmful substances, while the low temperature cigarettes are below 300°C, and the harmful substances will be reduced.

Judging from the heat-not-burn function of harm reduction and its highly technologically-sense smoking utensils, these two types of people are most likely to buy such new heat-not-burn products at this stage.
1. Old smokers who need to quit smoking. Such smokers generally smoke for a long time and want to quit but cannot quit. They can only reduce their smoking by smoking less, changing to small cigarettes, etc. For example, myself, I used to smoke thick cigarettes. Now, for the sake of the body, we change to small cigarettes and strictly control the amount of smoking every day. So if there is a cigarette that can be safely smoked, I would really like to try it.

2.It may be young consumers who pursue individuality, like being different, and are also very willing to try new things. Moreover, they are not long-lived and do not rely on cigarettes very much, so they are easy to accept this type of new tobacco products.

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