Use IQOS 3 to review three LAVIE flavors: Melon, mint, and orange flavors

By August 17, 2021Heat not burn news

Nicotine-free heat-not-burn cartridges compatible with various products are different. This is a product that does not contain nicotine and inhales pure “vapor”, but it is also characterized by its rich flavor. This time, I tried “LAVIE”, which allows you to enjoy three different flavors.
IQOS 3 smoked mint Taste
Starting from the left, “Splash Melon”, “Mint” and “Splash Orange”.

Nicotine-free cartridges using granular tea leaves

Like other nicotine-free cartridges, LAVIE basically has a rod shape compatible with the heating tobacco device iqos, which is inserted into the iqos and inhaled. The cartridge uses Chinese tea, but it seems that more than 30 plant-derived materials such as cellulose, pectin and starch are used to shape the tea into pellets.

Actually looking at the contents inside, it is filled with fine sand-like particles, and the shape is as smooth as a lid to prevent leakage, so even if you look at the stick, the tea leaves will not look like it is clogged.

Use IQOS 3 to review three

Looking at the smoke bombs, Marlboro on the left seems to be filled with tobacco leaves, but LAVIE is not like tea. This part can be said to be a “lid” so that the granular tea leaves inside will not leak out.

When I inserted the stick into the iqos, after a light touch like breaking the first lid, the blade slipped in. It feels like it is empty, which is different from the real iqos cartridge.

Heat not burn LAVIE taste evaluation

Try to insert the cartridge into iQOS, it feels very light. In addition, if you twist it in this state, the cap will tear easily and the filling will leak, so be careful.

If you twist the stick with the blade stuck, it will move, so if you move it forcibly, the lid will break and the filling will leak out. In fact, when I tried to force and finally turned the iqos upside down, the particles leaked. However, it seems that the particles do not particularly leak during insertion and removal.

The strongest of the three flavors. Refreshing “Mint” Mint

So, I smoked all 3 types of LAVIE. First of all, mint. There is no such thing as conventional in LAVIE, all of which contain flavor. If it is regular, the original taste of the tea will not be distinctive, and the taste will become weak, so it can be judged that a certain taste is needed.

The strongest of the three flavors. Refreshing mint

This Mint has menthol and mint flavors. Menthol has a strong first sip, but then gradually weakens. All flavors have the same tendency, so it may be that intention, but it is the strongest of the three flavors. In any case, the mint smell is very weak, and menthol gives a minty feel. I also felt the bitterness of mint, which tasted quite good.


Splash Orange with a slightly sweet and sour taste

As the name suggests, “Splash Orange”, it is a sweet and sour orange flavor.

Unique flavor of オレンジ

When I inhaled it, menthol violently entered my throat, and then the orange smell wafted slightly. You can enjoy a slight orange fragrance.

As for the taste, it is stronger than MINT, and it feels that it is stable enough when smoking. The fact that you can’t feel the strong menthol until the end may be an advantage or a disadvantage.

The orange-like scent continues, so the refreshing orange scent persists. But the steam itself is naturally odorless, so the lack of nicotine is still unsatisfactory.

One of the ideas is “splash.” There are marbles in the filter, and the scent of orange is further increased by crushing it.

Sweet cantaloupe flavor “Melon”

Compared with the other two cartridges, it is purely sweet, without the slight bitterness of mint flavor, and the slight acidity of orange flavor.

Cool and sweet cantaloupe flavor heat-not-burn cartridge

The cool and sweet cantaloupe scent is very suitable for use in summer. This is my favorite flavor of the three.

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