UWOO Tobacco will test its heated tobacco products in Greece

By October 28, 2021October 29th, 2021Heat not burn news

The UWOO brand has been promoted nationwide in Greece and has strengthened its market testing of heated tobacco products.
Greek consumers’ insights on UWOO devices and iD heaters will help understand the potential for further launches in key European markets. Earlier this month, UWOO Brands launched a pilot trial of its tobacco heating products in the Czech Republic.

Establishing a targeted and sustainable next generation product (NGP) business is a key part of UWOO’s new strategy and its commitment to make a meaningful contribution to harm reduction.
According to the company, heated tobacco is a mature NGP category in many European regions, including regions where the UWOO already has strong market access to traditional tobacco products.
“Heated tobacco continues to be favored by adult smokers in Greece, and we see huge growth opportunities for our promising products in this category,” said Anindya Dasgupta, chief consumer officer of UWOO Brands, in a statement.
“The valuable consumer insights we gained from pilot programs in Greece and the Czech Republic will inform the scale and pace of further marketing.”
Heated tobacco currently accounts for more than 10% of the entire tobacco sector in Greece and is expected to grow further strongly.

The UWOO device heats but does not burn iD heating rods to provide nicotine and tobacco aromas, which contain less and significantly reduce the content of harmful chemicals in combustible cigarette smoke.

Unlike other heated tobacco products, the UWOO device does not require a charging box and can be used continuously for up to 20 times. It is available in copper and silver.

ID tobacco consumables are available in four flavors in Greece: Rich Bronze, Balanced Blue, Capsule Polar and Ice.

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