Why does the new type of heat-not-burn e-cig UWOO emerge ?

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Nowadays, more and more people’s health awareness is rising and they are beginning to abandon traditional cigarettes and accept e-cigarettes. For example, e-cigarettes of the e-liquid type are more acceptable among young smokers, not only because of their fun but also because their toxicity is lower than traditional cigarettes.

Heat-not-burn market demand growth

Since Philip Morris International’s Japanese team spent a lot of money and a long time to develop a heating-type non-burning electronic cigarette, which became an instant hit in the Japanese market, smokers all over the world have more choices and named it “IQOS”. The determination and philosophy of this product can be seen in the name, which is a perfect substitute for traditional cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes that rely on combustion, IQOS contains up to 70% less harmful substances (traditional cigarettes must be burned, but IQOS uses electronic heating. Most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco are only released during the combustion process. Out, so the risk is lower).
Japan officially introduced a policy some time ago, not to take the elevator 45 minutes after smoking! (A Japanese study found that within 45 minutes of smoking, chemicals harmful to the human body will be excreted from the body, some attached to hair and clothing, and some floating in the air, becoming “third-hand smoke”) Seeing the helplessness and urgency of the government to control second-hand smoke, it can be seen that second-hand smoke is a difficult point in governance in all countries. Why is Japan the largest among IQOS’ 36 global markets? Its health concept is on one hand, and on the other hand, it is the Japanese culture of no trouble!

With the popularity of heat-not-burn e-cigarettes, in China, and smokers are ready to move, “IQOS” has become a star and popular product of Japanese purchasing agents (including Korean purchasing agents and Russian purchasing agents). For this reason, “IQOS” also introduced a purchase restriction policy (IQOS in vending machines is always empty, and IQOS stores are also sold out by Chinese agents) to protect the purchase rights of local people. Domestic smokers are also hard to find a cigarette (smoke stick). However, UWOO tech company has also developed a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette, named it “UWOO Y1“, and is the first to market in Korea, and South Korea is also a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette. The test ground for e-cigarettes includes LiL ​​in South Korea and IQOS developed by the well-known Marlboro parent company. Once UWOO Y1 is launched in South Korea, it will not only have an enthusiastic response in South Korea but also in Tobacco’s base camp. China has also attracted the attention and follow-up of the majority of smokers! For a while, discussions on platforms such as Moments of Friends, smokers-related posts.

uwoo y1 heat not burn

UWOO Y1, a new type of heat-not-burn electronic cigarette, has made up for the shortcomings of IQOS from the design. In fact, IQOS 2 to 3 generations have also improved a lot, but the 4th generation may learn from the “UWOO” design to eliminate the 3rd generation (Although “UWOO” was developed based on “IQOS” as a prototype).

In addition to the “IQOS”, “UWOO”, South Korea’s LiL ​​heat-not-burn e-cigarettes are also popular among smokers in Asia . It is also a hot item in South Korea’s overseas shopping, and South Korea’s “Lil e-cigarette” The model is in the shape of a long strip, it can smoke about 20-30 cigarette sticks after a full charge! The heating core in the Lil machine is thicker and cylindrical, durable, and not easy to break, heating more evenly. It can be used with fit yogurt pop beads and lemon pop beads. A cigarette cartridge can draw 20 puffs, which is enjoyable. The Lil machine is the same as “UWOO” for all IQOS cartridges!

“UWOO Y1” is slightly better than “IQOS” in terms of convenience and cost:

  • 1. One full charge, smoke around 40 smoke sticks(some test say 38-39);
  • 2. The cigarette holder is easy and thorough to clean, and the automatic cleaning function is powerful;
  • 3. The cartridge is fully burned, and the power/smoke volume is large (Some users commented like this: Use UWOO to smoke Foreign smoke bombs can extract light mint flavor);
  • 4. IQOS heating element is easy to break and has a high failure rate (“UWOO” has made improvements in the design and replacement of the heating element since the beginning of its design)
  • 5. Convenient to carry, the cigarette holder can both heat the cartridge and charge it (in contrast, IQOS has to carry a large charging box at any time)
  • 6. The cartridge is universal (Marlboro, HEETS, Paramount, FIIT), and has strong selectivity.

Because the design of Y1 is very ingenious, GM’s various brand smoke sticks, so the choice is diverse, allowing IQOS users to switch to “UWOO”, a new heat-not-burn electronic cigarette product without hindrance. Some users suggest UWOO cigarette stick + Marlboro cigarette cartridge, it is a perfect match. Some users also responded: Smoking Marlboro and iqos with Y1 feels completely different, with a lot of smoke, and you will not encounter the situation of not being sucked up!

The whole heater is divided into three parts, the heating rod, the heating core assembly, and the heating core-shell, which are also the shells for fixing the cartridge.
Smoke sticks are divided into four sections. The short section filter is the first layer. This layer is the acetate fiber of the conventional cigarette filter. The insulation paper core is the second layer. This layer of insulation paper It’s a bit like tin foil. The hollow paper core is the third layer. This layer is particularly hard and should have a stable cartridge shape. The heated tobacco leaf is the fourth layer. This layer is the heating and smoking part.

Studies have shown that limiting harmful or potentially harmful substances by heating rather than burning tobacco is an encouraging way to reduce mitochondrial stress in tobacco-related cells. Compared with traditional cigarettes, heat-not-burn e-cigarette aerosol contains less harmful substances. Conclusion: Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes put less pressure on the cells of the smoker, so using them is healthier than using regular cigarettes.

American research points out that if all addicts around the world switch to e-cigarettes, they can live a total of 86.7 million years

A study in the United States even pointed out that the government should support the encouragement of smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, and it is estimated that if addicts all over the world switch to e-cigarettes, they can live a total of 86.7 million years!
According to the “Washington Times” report, Dr. David Levy, a professor of oncology at Georgetown University of Lombardy and an authority on tobacco research, used mathematical models to calculate the results and pointed out that if governments all over the world promote electronics The replacement of traditional paper cigarettes by cigarettes will produce two results. The worse situation is that 1.6 million people live longer in the world, a total of 20.8 million years longer. However, in a good trial calculation result, there will be 6.6 million people who smoke Cigarettes addicts have benefited. After switching to e-cigarettes, they will gain a total of 86.7 million years of life.
In addition, e-cigarettes can reduce the harm caused by second-hand smoke to others and the environment. Levy’s research points out that in addition to helping to quit smoking, e-cigarettes can also avoid inhaling the tar and various carcinogens produced by the burning of traditional cigarettes. The addictive nicotine content depends on the e-liquid. In other words, quitters can gradually replace the nicotine-containing e-liquid with nicotine-free e-liquid.
This study was published in the Journal of Tobacco Control. Levy pointed out that e-cigarettes are a good way to improve tobacco harm and increase public health: “The government should support encouraging smokers to replace e-cigarettes.”

Use heat not burn electronic cigarettes!  IQOS,  LiL, or “UWOO” can now be selectively enhanced. It is said that the toxicity of non-burning flue-cured tobacco is 70% lower than that of ordinary cigarettes. It is deeply supported by smokers from all over the world and has switched to this latest technology. It is not only because of the fashion trend it has created, but also because it is fire-free and ash-free, does not cause the trouble of second-hand smoke to others, and also adds points to your own health!

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