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By April 21, 2021Blog

We all know that heat-not-burn tobacco is the trend of future smoking, heating tobacco to a specific temperature, many undesired substances produced by combustion will not be inhaled by us, so it is healthier. Also, some think the taste is purer and more delicious, and it is newer and cooler.

After PMI release the first IQOS device in Japan in 2017, there are nearly 70% of smokers change to Heat not burn smoking in Japan now, the product promotion is indeed expected to be effective, but, this success also reminds us heat-not-burn smoking is the TREND of the future.

(PMI Japan release IQOS 3 DUO in December 2019, it was the latest IQOS model)

So, how to seize this opportunity, can I sell IQOS myself? Can I become a wholesaler/distributor of IQOS?

The answer is a bit complicated.

Firstly, PMI is already selling IQOS itself, they’re selling on their specialty store, on Amazon, on their websites.

On the other hand, some people sell IQOS online, but most of them only get a commission from PMI and will be required to sell a certain amount within a certain period or they will lose their agency, furtherly, many countries have not yet clarified whether it is legal to sell iqos online. BUT, most countries prohibit the online sale of traditional cigarettes.

Fortunately, you can still sell Heat not burn devices to seize the opportunity.

The UWOO Y1 is a much better alternative to IQOS. It has a larger battery, faster preheating, and multiple temperature options.

Below is a chart UWOO Y1 vs IQOS 3 MULTI vs Jouz 2.0.

UWOO Y1 detail :

If you are a store owner or have other sales channels, you are already in a leading position in the trend of converting traditional cigarettes to heat not burn.

Contact UWOO tech today, chance won’t wait too long, any questions will be taken seriously.

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