Is it completely legal and “getting it”? I heard the benefits of “CBD” made from cannabis ingredients

By December 21, 2021Blog

Around the time, “CBD” is often heard in the streets. A legal ingredient derived from cannabis, it has the effect of relieving stress and is attracting attention.

In fact, there are many young people around me who smoke “CBD vapor” like heat-not-burn tobacco. However, there are rumors that taking it inside will make you feel better and better. I asked Natsumi Nana, a public relations officer of Lu Co., Ltd.

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Hemp and marijuana are different overseas

Originally, Nana was the director of the shop in Australia, which is called Organic Town. There she realized that she had the potential and greatness of hemp products, and she has been involved since the launch of Elixinol Japan.

What kind of ingredient is CBD in the first place?

“Cannabidiol is an abbreviation for the ingredient contained in cannabis. In Japan, cannabis has the image of an illegal drug, but overseas, it is distinguished by law from industrial cannabis hemp and medical / preference cannabis marijuana. And the varieties are different. Our products use the CBD component extracted from the hemp and do not contain the THC component that is illegal in Japan. In some countries where THC is approved overseas. There is, but it is regulated in Japan because it has a euphoric effect, the so-called high effect. ”

Then, what kind of effect does CBD have on the body? “In fact, bioactive substances that work like CBD are made in the human body without doing anything,” she says.

“It’s called an endogenous cannabinoid, and it regulates the nervous system. However, when stress or immune problems cause the regulatory function to become unbalanced, people become physically and mentally ill. It has become clear from overseas research that CBD derived from cannabinoids can indirectly supplement and support the recovery of the original condition. ”

Of course, there are some people who can’t feel the effect of CBD.

“CBD is a nutrient that helps to regulate the fluctuations of the body. For those who are in good physical condition and have no mental load, the effect may be difficult to understand. Among our customers, it may be difficult to understand. , It is often used by those who want to improve the quality of sleep. Also, there are many people who feel uncomfortable and love it for refreshing habits between work. ”

Beginners should refrain from driving immediately after ingestion

“Somehow I’m not feeling well, and many working generations are busy, so I’d like to recommend it for refreshing between work and relaxing time before going to bed,” says Nana, but at what timing beginners use it. Is it better?

“If you get used to it, you can use it while working or studying, but if you are new to it, I think it is better to take it after taking your own time. Some people may feel sleepy. So, if you are taking it for the first time, please refrain from driving immediately afterwards. ”

It is important for her to take it at her own pace, and Nana herself seems to take it like a coffee break or a cigarette break. It seems recommended that she increase her intake as she becomes more advanced.

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