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JT sells heat-not-burn device Ploom X for a special discount at 50% off

By March 7, 2022Blog

From March 7th to April 24th, JT will sell the heat-not-burn device “Ploom X” for a limited time offer at a special price of 1980 yen.

Ploom X for a limited time at about 50% off

In addition to precise control of the heating temperature, it is equipped with a new concept heating technology “HEATFLOW” that focuses on the flow of air, improving the suction response compared to the conventional model of JT. The same product. In addition, it is said that it has been highly evaluated by users for its functionality and design, such as “buttonless and stylish design” and “it is good that you can smoke unlimited times for about 5 minutes”. This time, JT decided to sell 3980 yen (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) at 1980 yen, which is about 50% off, because we want more customers to enjoy Ploom X.

Analysis from Heat not burn industry insiders: JT feels the pressure from the competition from brands such as IQOS, UWOO and lil hybrid, which makes JT hope to open up the market through low price strategy.  Interestingly, UWOO, which is also compatible with HEETS and IQOS Marlboro, the main product features such as adjustable temperature, continuous smoking, high cost performance, etc. Is currently in a leading position in both the Japanese and European markets through preferential franchisee/distributor policies.

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