Overwhelmingly cold menthol “Heets Icy Black” review

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The new Heets flavor, I compared it with 3 existing menthol products from Heets.

Philip Morris Japan released “Heets Icy Black”, which is the strongest menthol taste of Heets, a Tabaksticks/Heatstick exclusively for IQOS, on March 15th.

You can compare with the Heets menthol lineup “Heets Frost Green”, “Heets Cool Jade”, and “Heets Fresh Emerald” at 9 IQOS stores in Japan. We have started to provide experiences.

This time, we will deliver a review of the new “Heets Icy Black” and the existing menthol products of Heets.

What is the taste of “Heets Icy Black”?

First of all, from “Heets Icy Black”.
An eye-opening menthol stimulus that pops into the back of the throat! You can feel the refreshing feeling of freshness and high cooling, and the strength of the body, which gives you a solid feeling of sucking.

Until now, I have felt that the lightness of the taste is a characteristic of Heets products, but it has a firm mouthfeel that breaks through that wall. Still, I feel that the benefit of the heat not burn product, that is, the small amount of odor is also left as a feature.

As it is described as “the strongest menthol product of Heets” and “a clear and strong cold menthol”, one outstanding menthol product has been added to the Heets lineup for users who want strong cold and strong menthol.

Next, in order of strength of menthol, compare it with other existing menthol products of Heets.

Compare with existing Heets menthol products

Try “Heets Frost Green”.

I also feel the firmness of the menthol, which is backed by the strength of the body, but I felt that it had a menthol taste that was slightly less “cold” than “Heets Icy Black”. However, as we have supported the Heets lineup in the strong menthol category, you can enjoy a strong stimulus and a refreshing feeling.

Next is “Heets Cool Jade”.

Compared to the previous two types, this one has less habit and is characterized by a well-balanced taste. You can enjoy a standard taste without the menthol being too strong or too weak while leaving a moderate amount of richness. It is very easy to suck with a refreshing taste that suppresses irritation.

The last is “Heets Fresh Emerald”.
This is just a faint menthol feeling, and the stimulation is weakened. On the other hand, the refreshing sensation plays a role in enhancing the original taste of tobacco, so it may be an easy-to-use item for those who are not good at strong menthol or who smoke menthol products for the first time with IQOS.


“Heets Icy Black”, which has been added to the taste of menthol for the first time in about 1 year and 8 months since the release of “Heets”, is very satisfied with its richness and strength of menthol, which sets it apart from other products. It was a high-quality product. The author’s favorite for a strong stimulus and a good taste is “Heets Icy Black”.

“Heets Frost Green”, “Heets Cool Jade”, and “Heets Fresh Emerald” are also unique products, and with the expansion of choices, it is one of the ways to enjoy different tastes and situations. It looks like it will be one.

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