Sangzhuzi District, Tibet launched a publicity campaign to prevent the hazards of e-cigarettes

By December 27, 2021December 31st, 2021Blog

Recently, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Sangzhuzi District of Xigaze City and Xigaze City Tobacco Company went to Xigaze City No. 1 Senior High School to carry out a knowledge presentation on the prevention of e-cigarette hazards.

During the activity, the staff explained the prevention and control methods of e-cigarettes in detail to the students from various aspects such as the harm of e-cigarettes and the protection of the rights and interests of young people. At the same time, it has widely distributed publicity brochures to school students, provided a rights protection hotline, guided and educate students to consciously boycott e-cigarettes, and encouraged complaints and reports of illegal sales of e-cigarettes to the municipal supervision department, public security department and tobacco supervision department.

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