Tobacco removed from shelves in two California regions

By January 13, 2021Blog

Becomes the only jurisdiction in the United States that cancels tobacco sales

News on January 6th, on January 1, 2020, two areas of Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach in California removed tobacco products from all store shelves, becoming the only jurisdiction in the United States that canceled commercial tobacco sales. Area. Both cities have a phase-out period that allows retailers to make adjustments to help smokers quit.

Tobacco removed from shelves in two California regions

“Someone must preempt, so let’s do it first.” said Beverly Hills City Council member and former mayor John Mirisch (John Mirisch). According to a report from Action on Smoking and Health, he first proposed this concept when he debated the ban on adding flavors to tobacco products in 2017.

Milich recently joined the board of directors of the advocacy organization Action for Smoking and Health (ASH), which is responsible for coordinating the project sunset (projectsunset), which aims to gradually stop tobacco sales worldwide.

Chris Bostic, director of the Sunset Project, said: “Cigarettes have become so normal. For some people, this seems like a radical step. But if another product appears tomorrow, this product It’s very addictive, and of course we will ban sales. We may also prosecute the people who promote it with manslaughter.”

Although Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach were the first places in the United States to pass legislation, the idea of ​​eliminating tobacco sales is not new. In 1964, the U.S. Secretary of Health Luther Terry issued a landmark report linking tobacco use with death and disease. He was convinced that the sale of cigarettes would be illegal, and the meeting was held on Saturday. Press conferences to reduce the impact on the stock market.

This concept has recently received increasing attention in the public health community and in the wider context. The Danish Institute for Human Rights concluded its human rights assessment of Philip Morris International in 2017 and concluded that “there is no doubt that the production and sales of tobacco are irreconcilable with human rights in health. Therefore, as far as the tobacco industry is concerned, The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require the production and sale of tobacco to be stopped.”

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