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Two new flavors of glo hyper’s “Kent Neo Stick” , Clear and Green

By June 23, 2022June 26th, 2022Blog

It was found that the new stick was approved by the Ministry of Finance in the BAT heat-not-burn tobacco “glo hyper” and “glo hyper +” exclusive tobacco brand “Kent” series.

There are two newly approved brands, “Kent Neostic True Rich Clear” and “Kent Neostic True Rich Green”. Also read: Review all 18 types of 4 brands of sticks exclusively for Glo Hyper Plus! 

name Number per pack Country of manufacture price
For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Clear glo hyper 20 South Korea 500 yen
For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Green glo hyper 20 South Korea 500 yen

Both brands of the new flavor are 20 pieces and are made in Korea for 500 yen.

One-coin Kent brand expanded to 7 types

List of Kent brands exclusively for Glow Hyper

With the approval of these two types of Kent brands, the lineup of one-coin brands that can be enjoyed at Glo Hyper has expanded to seven types.

  1. For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Tobacco glo hyper
  2. For Kent Neo Stick True Tobacco glo hyper
  3. For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Menthol glo hyper
  4. For Kent Neo Stick True Menthol glo hyper
  5. For Kent Neo Stick True Berry Boost glo hyper
  6. For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Clear glo hyper <new!>
  7. For Kent Neo Stick True Rich Green glo hyper <new!>

The best thing about Kent is that you can enjoy it with one coin of 500 yen. It can be said that it is the brand that inherits the good point of “cheap” of Glo Hyper most.

Up to now, 5 types of Kent brands have been released, but there are already 2 types of regular, 2 types of menthol, 1 type of flavored menthol, and just enough types.

However, new works called “Rich Clear” and “Rich Green” have appeared here.

First of all, Kent can be divided by “whether it is rich or not”, but both new flavors are in the rich series. In other words, it falls into a rich genre, but I still don’t know what clear and green mean. Clear is regular and green is menthol …? Or both are menthol type, and the green is flavored menthol …? ?? ??

I don’t know the details yet, but the addition to the 500-yen one-coin brand is a pleasure for Glo Hyper users!

There are 23 types of brands that can be used with Glo Hyper

Glow hyper stick

There are 7 types of Kent brands in the lineup, but if you combine all the lineups of “Neo”, “Kent”, and “Lucky Strike”, there are 23 types of sticks in the lineup.

Neo: 12 types
Kent: 7 types
Lucky Strike: 4 types
Glo Hyper has a very low device price of 980 yen, and there is a lineup of brands such as Lucky Strike of 300 yen, Kent of one coin, Neo with a little richness, etc., including price factors. I feel that there are a lot of choices.
Of course, it would be satisfying for users to focus only on the types and “there are more than 20 types of choices”. Rather, it may be difficult to choose.

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