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UWOO Obtained SMTA Manufacturing License of E-cigarette

By September 17, 2022Blog

Recently, UWOO (Shenzhen Yunxi Smart Co., Ltd.) has obtained the “Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License” issued by the China Tobacco Monopoly Administration(STMA).


The scope of the license: cigarette brand holding (export), electronic cigarette brand holding (export), cigarette brand holding (export), cigarette and cigarette combination sales products.

UWOO is a global layout of design, research and development, production and sales in one innovative enterprise of science and technology, the company design center is located in Shenzhen City Nanshan District, the factory is located in Longhua Guanlan. From the upstream precision components, to the industrial design, software and hardware design, SMT, mold, injection molding, surface treatment, etc. of the whole industry chain integration, so far has established a comprehensive competitive power in a number of fields.

Designer Team

UWOO Technology has a professional, innovative, young and dynamic team. Our core design team comes from the University of the Arts London and has won several international awards in the field of industrial design, such as the Red Dot Award(, IF design award( and Good Design award(

The team carefully designs and strictly controls the packaging, appearance, structure, details and quality involved in product development from the preliminary research to the product development. We have unlimited imagination for the future, and we will further promote the development of technology.

UWOO will carry out the aesthetics of product simplicity, take technological innovation as the core, start from the use of scenarios to make product linkage and service extension, and create a comfortable experience for consumers in which all products and services are immersed in scenarios. We will create high-quality, advanced, young and fashionable electronic cigarette products.

R&D Team and Manufacturing Capability

The factory of UWOO Technology covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with a modern dust-free workshop, eight modern production lines and ESD laboratory, high and low temperature environmental shock and vibration laboratory – frequency converter, power meter, vibration meter and other testing equipment, with an annual output of 1,000,000+.

In addition, UWOO’s factory adopts the 6S production management standard and establishes a full-face quality management system from market demand introduction, product development, supplier management, product manufacturing, product delivery, and product after-sales, etc. It can conduct more than 40 tests, such as testing, physical testing, chemical testing, etc., as well as follow the concept of green sustainable development throughout all aspects, and the whole line meets ROHS/CE/FCC and other environmental requirements. The entire line meets ROHS/CE/FCC and other environmental requirements.

Outlook Commitment

Under the unified leadership of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, the e-cigarette industry is about to enter a new era of standardized development. UWOO will continue to uphold the principle of putting the interests of the country first and the interests of consumers first, resolutely support the unified leadership of the country, demand the highest standards for itself, discipline the enterprise internally, and bring consumers quality products with peace of mind.

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