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The difference between glo and iqos, which one is better?

By June 16, 2021IQOS

With the improvement of people’s living conditions, people’s taste in smoking has also improved, and many people are aware of smoking cessation. This has made the use of e-cigarettes more and more widespread. Now a new type of heat-not-burn has been introduced, such as British American Tobacco’s GLO and PMI’s IQOS. I have used both before, now let’s take a look at the difference between glo and iqos, and see which is better between, glo or iqos.


Common ground

Before understanding the difference between glo and iqos, it is also very important for us to understand their similarities. Both glo e-cigarettes and iqos are still heat-not-burn products, although they have similarities with other e-cigarettes. But they enhance the user experience. The striking differences make them an exciting alternative to smoking, so which one is better between glo e-cigarette and iqos.


iQOS includes a rechargeable pen-type device, a short, cigarette product, branded as Marlboro HeatSticks, plug-in use, HeatSticks contains tobacco, not just flavored liquid nicotine, making it closer to the experience of smoking ordinary cigarettes, but without second-hand smoke , Smell and toxic chemicals.

The glo e-cigarette takes a slightly different route to try to achieve the same effect. As iFuse is sold, it also uses the taste of real tobacco, but instead of heating tobacco to generate steam, it heats nicotine e-liquid into inhalable vapor like ordinary e-cigarettes, but the taste is tobacco flavor.

Disadvantages of iqos

1. Small smoke output.

2. Cigarette cartridges are not easy to buy, the price is unstable and expensive.

3. This smoke body is super troublesome to clean and easy to break.

4. Smoking a cigarette is too troublesome. You smoke one cigarette each time you charge it. If you smoke the second cigarette, just wait a few minutes.

Summary: As far as which is better between glo e-cigarette and iqos, glo e-cigarette is the first choice here, because the problems with iqos are indeed very serious, and glo e-cigarettes do not have these situations.

Benefits of glo e-cigarette

1. Cigarette tar is basically filtered, which reduces harm to one’s body and others while ingesting nicotine.

2. No soot, no open flame, easy to throw cigarette butts.

3. GLO flue gas is the favorite of smokers. It has a great taste and can be smoked on more occasions. You can bring it on the plane and smoke it when you get off the plane.

The above is the difference between glo e-cigarette and iqos introduced by the editor, and which is better between glo e-cigarette and iqos. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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