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Philip Morris launched iqos3 and iqos3 Multi at Dubai Duty Free on July 1

By July 1, 2021July 5th, 2021IQOS

In the UAE, Philip Morris International (PMI) launched the iqos 3 and iqos 3 Multi multifunction machines at Dubai Duty-Free on July 1. This is a brand new travel exclusive “bright red” design.

The route will be available for a limited time through Dubai Duty-Free Shop DXB (Dubai International).

According to reports, the iqos system heats specially designed tobacco rods (sheets) to 350 degrees, while the temperature of combustible cigarettes exceeds 600 degrees. In this process, a flavored nicotine vapor is produced. This process significantly reduces the content of harmful chemicals in the steam caused by heating tobacco instead of burning tobacco “combustion is the most toxic substance found in smoke and is related to smoking-related diseases”.

FDA将IQOS 3作为改良风险烟草产品推向市场征求公众意见

According to PMI statistics, there are approximately 7.3 million adult smokers in the world who have completely given up cigarettes and switched to iqos. PMI commented: “The product is widely accepted by adult smokers because of its taste, sensory experience, nicotine release and use of real tobacco. They found it to be a satisfactory substitute instead of continuing to smoke. iqos The tobacco is heated instead of burning, so there is no fire, ash, or smoke. Compared with cigarettes, adults who use tobacco have fewer odors on and around them.”

After introducing the product to be launched in Dubai duty-free shops, a high-level promotion of iqos was carried out.

The most advanced versions of this smoke-free product, iqos 3 and iqos 3 multi, were launched in Dubai duty-free stores last year. PMI said: “The latest additions to the equipment continue to improve in design and function, which ultimately strengthens PMI’s global leadership in the smoke-free field.”

IQOS3 provides a smoother design, with a smaller stand and faster-charging capacity. iqos 3multi allows adult users to use the device ten times without recharging.

The company stated that in accordance with the company’s vision of a “smoke-free future”, PMI will continue to invest heavily in better alternative products for adult smokers, otherwise, the people will continue to smoke. The company said that so far, it has invested more than US$6 billion in “developing, evaluating and commercializing innovative products to create a smoke-free world.”

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