Can IQOS e-cigarettes really help quit smoking? See what the old smoker says

By September 13, 2021IQOS

People like to try various things when they are young, and people sometimes make mistakes, such as smoking. When I was young, I felt that smoking was very personal. As I smoked longer and longer, I would think of quitting smoking when I felt uncomfortable. But quitting smoking is also a relatively difficult thing. I tried several times to quit smoking with perseverance, but eventually ended in failure, so later I thought of finding alternatives to slowly reduce the amount of smoking, and gradually quit smoking. Finally, I chose the IQOS e-cigarette on the recommendation of a friend. I have been using it for a while now, and overall I am still very satisfied.

First of all, the IQOS e-cigarette was the first e-cigarette to appear, and it was sought after by many smokers as soon as it went on the market. Its manufacturer and Marlboro’s manufacturer are the same. I think the quality of the products of large manufacturers will be more guaranteed, and it has been around for a long time, and there are relatively many people who have used it. I checked it online and used it. How did people who have passed me comment on it and found that many people think IQOS e-cigarettes are very good, and friends are also recommending this to me, which makes me more confident in IQOS e-cigarettes and finally chose it.

Secondly, I originally used e-cigarettes to reduce the harm of cigarettes to the body, and IQOS e-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, which made me choose it among so many cigarette brands. For example, the latest fourth-generation IQOS 3.0 model I bought, it can filter out 95% of the tar, and this tar is the number one murderer in cigarettes that endangers our health, so I think using IQOS e-cigarettes is better than smoking cigarettes. healthy. Of course, the safest and safest way is to quit smoking.

Then, the heat-not-burn technology launched on the IQOS official website is also very attractive to me. This technology turns the traditional cigarette burning method into a heating method, and the temperature at which the IQOS cartridge is heated is much lower than the temperature at which the tobacco is burned. This can effectively reduce the tar generated when traditional cigarettes are burned, thereby greatly reducing the damage to the user’s body. It is also because there is no need to burn cigarettes, there will be no second-hand smoke or soot. It not only protects the people around you from the harm of second-hand smoke, but also protects the environment, and there is no smell at all if you don’t smell it carefully after smoking. I think this is also very beneficial to family harmony. It really serves multiple purposes.

My experience of using IQOS e-cigarettes is very similar to the taste of real cigarettes, so that after using IQOS e-cigarettes, I never thought about smoking real cigarettes. Occasionally, I forgot to bring e-cigarettes. Even if I smoke, I feel a smelly burning smell, which makes me completely ignorant of the pleasure of smoking addiction. From this point, I also feel that IQOS e-cigarettes can really help quit smoking.

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