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How to use IQOS? Why does my IQOS often flash in red?

By June 15, 2021June 22nd, 2021IQOS

IQOS is a new type of tobacco product. Many people have used it, but they will encounter various problems in the process of using it. So why does IQOS often flash red? How to use IQOS?

The current mainstream new tobacco products mainly include electronic cigarettes (represented by BLU and VUSE) and heat-not-burn tobacco products (represented by IQOS). In terms of emissions, e-cigarettes emit 8% of traditional cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products are 5%. Heat-not-burn tobacco is heated by roasting, instead of burning tobacco. Tobacco produces nicotine through combustion and contains harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Smoking mainly absorbs the nicotine in the tobacco and some of the flavor of the tobacco itself to achieve satisfaction. The main ingredients harmful to health come from substances such as tar produced by combustion. The roasting-type heating method cannot completely prevent the production of tar, but the tar content produced is very, very low, which is almost negligible compared with normal cigarette burning.

At present, IQOS mainframes and cartridges are sold in China through purchasing agents and “underground” sales. It is not easy to buy genuine products. Even if you buy genuine products, once IQOS is damaged due to maintenance, operation, etc., it will cause consumers a headache.

The above situation occurs mainly because IQOS does not have a Chinese manual. Friends who have just contacted IQOS damaged IQOS due to improper operation or improper maintenance.

First, let’s introduce the composition of IQOS. The main structure of IQOS has two parts, the charging compartment and the heating rod.

The charging compartment has two main functions. The first is to charge the heating rod, and the second is to put the heating rod in the charging compartment when not in use for easy carrying. The heating rod is mainly used for heating and baking special cartridges.

How to use IQOS? Philip Morris International defines the lifespan of IQOS cigarette rods as charging 7,300 times, and using 20 times a day on average. The lifespan of IQOS is about one year. However, if there are errors in operation and maintenance, it will inevitably reduce the service life of IQOS.

How to use IQOS? Today, I will share with you the operation method and maintenance method of IQOS for the first time and some precautions.

1. How to operate IQOS

The first is the heating of the cartridge. The heating rod is in the charging box. First, press the golden button on the top of the charging box, take out the fully charged heating rod, and then insert the cartridge into the heating rod. The insertion depth is at the silver line of the cigarette holder. about. After inserting the cartridge, press and hold the metal button in the middle of the heating rod for two or three seconds until the vibration prompts the heating rod to start heating. After heating for about 20 seconds, the white light on the heating rod no longer flickers and turns to a steady state, which means that the heating is completed and IQOS can be used.

There is one more detail here. When inserting the cartridge into the heating rod, insert it directly. Never twist or twist it, otherwise it may cause the heating element to break. After smoking, the cartridge needs to be taken out of the heating rod. Generally speaking, a normal IQOS cartridge can be smoked 8-13. When a certain number of puffs is reached, the white light of the heating rod will flash and vibrate again. This is IQOS reminding that the cartridge can still take the last two puffs, and then the white light will turn on. Turn off and stop heating.

It should be noted that after the white light is off, do not pull out the cartridge directly. The normal operation is to first push the cap on the upper half of the heating rod, and then take out the used cartridge.

2. How to maintain IQOS daily

When charging, do not connect the heating rod and the charging box to the power supply for charging, otherwise the heating plate and chip inside the heating rod may be burned. Even if it is the first charging, the habit of many smokers in our country seems to be the first charging routine of early mobile phones on IQOS, but it is actually unnecessary.

At least in the IQOS manual, it is clearly stated that in any case, the battery box should be charged to ensure that the battery box is turned off and the battery box is in the off state. This also means that the charging box can be fully charged for the first time, and it is fully charged in about two hours. The white light on the charging box no longer flickers, and it can be unplugged.

Secondly, as we said before, I repeat it here: When the heating rod is inserted into the cartridge, be sure to twist it at will. The heating plate is a ceramic body, and it will break if it is not handled properly. This is true when inserting the cartridge, and also when cleaning.

Clean up, clean up more than less. If you smoke a pack of cigarette bombs at most, you need to clean it up once. When cleaning, try to be lighter, use a cleaning cotton swab or a cleaning ball brush to clean the heating plate and the inside of the heating chamber, mainly to prevent smoke residue from remaining on the surface of the heating plate.

Finally, it’s charging. IQOS’s mechanism is that you can only smoke one at a time. This is the concept of quitting smoking. If you finish smoking one, do not put the heating rod directly into the charging box to charge, because at this time the heating rod has just finished heating the cartridge, and there is still some temperature. It is safer to dissipate heat for about a minute before charging.

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