Introduction of 4 flavors of Korean HEETS heatsticks

By October 26, 2021February 28th, 2022IQOS

Introduce the 4 flavors of Korean heets cartridges. Many people have only used Marlboro cartridges after they started iqos. One is that they don’t dare to change their flavors, the other is that they haven’t smoked anything else and there is no way to buy them. The existence of other cartridges, no matter what the reason, I haven’t tasted other flavors, it’s really a pity. Today we will introduce you to the 4 flavors of Korean heets cartridges. Come and learn about it!

HEETS Turquoise

In the introduction of the 4 flavors of the Korean version of heets cartridges, this cartridge has a lighter mint flavor. This flavor is good in mint. It is clearer than Marlboro’s light mint, in other words, Marlboro thick mint is lighter than light Marlboro light mint.

HEETS yellow

There are several flavors of heets cartridges. Many people call this cartridge the original flavor. It does taste a lot like real tobacco, with a light hay flavor, not the hard-to-smoke hay flavor, but a slightly grassy hay flavor. Suckling will not feel choking, but will feel quite enjoyable.


This cartridge is known as the original flavor and special mellow, and it sounds very high, and it is said that it was out of stock at one time, especially the price, it is really good, although the taste is strong, it is not dry, and it will not leave behind in the mouth. Good feeling. I took a big mouth, and it was not irritating to feel it in my throat, which is relatively rare.

HEETS Purple Ice Grape

There are several flavors of heets cartridges. This cartridge has a mint flavor base and the fragrance of grapes. The smoke is not strong, soft and fragrant, which is very suitable for girls. When you smoke this flavour, others will also smell it very good. It is highly recommended.

The above are the 4 flavors of Korean heets cartridges for everyone. I wonder if there are any flavors you like?

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