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IQOS 3.0 shortcomings exposed! Personal use experience evaluation, what happened?

By January 14, 2022IQOS

From December, the newly upgraded IQOS 3 , to complement the existing IQOS 2.4 plus product. It brings a new design, revised accelerated charging and extended battery life. (IQOS 3 DUO is upgraded on the basis of IQOS 3).iqos 3 blue


Its design and shorter charging times are probably the most fascinating things about this new device. And, as usual, we also found something we didn’t quite like (see below).

IQOS 3 – Package and Preliminary Test

The IQOS 3 comes in a luxurious white box, and when the paper cover is removed, the entire top is tilted. In addition to the device, you’ll find a new micro USB-C connector and a completely redesigned cleaning tool with a key ring.

IQOS 3 Package

The IQOS was truly malleable again, and thanks to the swinging side doors, it quickly earned ”famous” monikers like the stapler. The truth, however, is that while the cheap plastic feels rather bluish and skinny, it actually looks much better than the photos.

IQOS 3 impressive color variation

IQOS 3 will be available in four basic colors, each of which supports changing colors and has a different effect. The charging case features a replaceable door with two magnetic pins that can be combined in up to 576 color combinations.

iqos 3 Impressive color variation

IQOS 3 Warm White

The Snow White version looks like its predecessor (2.4plus), with the same materials and soft finish. With a glossy white replaceable door cover, it will be perfect for trying out various colors of heads and lids.

IQOS 3 Warm White

IQOS 3 White is a bright white with a matte velvet coating

IQOS 3 Stellar Blue

This time it’s blue really blue – unlike past versions. It’s also sleek and metallic, with a unique shiny door cover. It fits perfectly in a man’s hand, and apparently that’s what keeps the charging case buttons the same color as the rest of the device. It’s hard to choose the right lid color if you’re replacing it, we tested white and light orange, but the muted colors didn’t work.

IQOS 3 Stellar Blue

IQOS 3 Gold

Gold, it perfectly hides the “made of plastic” feel of the charging case and heating rod, very elegant and perfect for both men and women. With this variant, changing the glossy gold door hatch is almost a sin, as is the heat rod with gold buttons.

IQOS 3 Gold

IQOS 3 Velvet Grey / Black

Just like the IQOS 2.4, the grey matte is the only gluing device. It looks a lot like plastic. Probably best for those who work by hand, but thanks to the rubber, fingerprints will soon be all over it. In my opinion, it’s one of the ugliest devices of all. The heating rods are separated by grey buttons.

IQOS 3 Velvet Grey / Black

Innovation in IQOS 3, IQOS 3 new features

IQOS 3 has many improvements. We’ve already mentioned that replaceable doors, short heating rod recharge times and two-year battery life are critical. Enjoy the modern USB-C connector and remove unnecessary buttons.

  • New design; doors open to the side
  • Three types of heating vibration
  • The charging time of the heating rod is shorter than that of 2.4,
  • Extended battery life 14600 times (2 years)
  • The charging case can be fully charged in just 75 minutes
  • The replaceable cover of the charging case is held in place by magnets
  • In the charging case, the heating rod is held in place by magnets
  • New charging connector USB-C
  • New mechanical cleaner that reaches the bottom of the heater

iqos 3 disassemble

New IQOS 3 cleaner, also recommended for older IQOS 2.4, works great

New IQOS 3 Charger

Only one button remains on the charging case. With it, the IQOS 3 can be opened and closed, and its top edge is quite curved so you can easily grab it. Next to it is a large charging indicator, divided into four sections, and a tiny charging indicator for the heating rod.

New IQOS 3 Charger

The magnetism of the charging case heating rod is also a new technology, and the manufacturer says the heating rod will never fall out of the charger and can be put in any direction, but was probably only added to eliminate complaints about poor battery holder contact.

IQOS 3 heating

The heating technology has not changed, the heating plates are the same, plated with platinum and gold. To make it easier to clean, it completely replaced the cleaner, it’s convenient, has a key ring, and only has a brush on the bottom, the end of the brush is specially adapted to reach the bottom of the stand. The cleaner is still compatible with older versions, so it is also recommended for IQOS 2.4 users.


Want IQOS 3 or keep the old one?

But that’s not the problem now, is it? I mean… the question is: do you want/need it?

It depends on whether you always need the latest model. The best case is that IQOS3 DUO supports continuous use, you can see my previous article. Of course the IQOS 3 is a successful improvement, it’s smaller, it looks prettier to most users, it’s more reliable, and it has better battery life.

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