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IQOS can be carried on the plane, but its use is prohibited

By January 4, 2022IQOS

The IQOS policy is actually consistent with all other e-cigarette policies. Airlines currently only restrict electronic products with large battery capacity, large-capacity batteries are at risk of deflagration.

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“You should not carry your power banks in the check-in luggage, but it is fine to carry a maximum of two power banks in your hand (carry-on) luggage in a flight (rules may differ from airline to airline). Some airlines permit you to take power banks up to 160Wh in your hand luggage, though anything over 100Wh must be checked with the airline.”

Rules may differ from airline to airline. Smoking IQOS or e-cigarettes is prohibited by almost all airlines and by many governments around the world. In some places, you will be fined $2,000, and in some places, you will be detained for 10-15 days for violating civil safety regulations

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