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IQOS cigarette rod red light, daily self-maintenance tips

By October 26, 2021IQOS

IQOS has a slower temperature decrease in an environment with a higher room temperature, and some IQOS users take a second one before the temperature drops. Improper use caused IQOS to flash red.

IQOS has very high requirements for the temperature protection setting of the heating rod, which is easy to break. Therefore, those who are more anxious may wish to spare one more cigarette rod for alternate use! Or you can buy another brand of Heated tobacco products, such as Glo or UWOO.

There are several reasons for temperature protection:

1. Bad usage habits lead to flashing red light
When players use IQOS, they often smoke the second one without waiting for the temperature to drop after using one. Because IQOS is designed to be troublesome to use, so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking, it is impossible to even smoke IQOS. Continuous pumping will cause the overall temperature of the heating rod to be higher. For safety reasons, it will enter the protection, that is, the red light will flash.

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2. Reasons for uneven heating of the heating sheet:

It is because the heating element is not cleaned up, and the heating is uneven, which causes the temperature of some parts to be high, causing the red light to flash. These two reasons are very common, so when the red light flashes, you think the machine is broken. In fact, these problems can be avoided in normal times.

There are other reasons for the flashing red light, such as poor contact, broken heating film, broken main board, etc.

If disassembly is not involved, I will tell you that you can also handle troubleshooting like this:

1. IQOS heating rod red light, use alcohol swab to clean the bottom contacts!

2. Long press the IQOS heating rod button to turn off the heating rod and put it in the charging compartment to charge!

IQOS maintenance:

Dear IQOS players, we must pay more attention to maintenance and cleaning every day.

Especially for heating films, regular cleaning can effectively avoid the occurrence of IQOS red lights.

IQOS false fault causes red light to flash. Solution:

The flashing red light caused by the false failure of IQOS can be easily repaired by self-checking.

First shake the heating rod gently and shake it.

After shaking, quickly press the heating button. In fact, just let the heating rod cool down quickly.

Shaking is a more convenient method, and a more effective method is to put it in a cool place.

There is a simpler way, which is to put it next to the fan, or blow it against the air conditioner, and the temperature will soon drop.

Or you can wrap the IQOS heating rod with several layers of absorbent paper (the effect of newspaper is better, if you don’t have it, you can only use ordinary paper towels), put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then take it out, put it upside down for a few minutes, and try again after the moisture evaporates. Can it be used normally.

There is also an official method of operation, which is to restart the machine, put the IQOS heating rod back into the charging compartment, press and hold the clean button and the switch button at the same time, the four lights flash, and the restart is successful.

Temperature protection control, in fact, this problem exists in all versions of IQOS.

Some people say that the European version does not have temperature protection control, but it is actually inappropriate.

If none of the above methods can solve the red light problem, then your machine really needs repair.

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