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IQOS Heets Pure Teak – exquisite harmony of gentle taste and aroma – review and price

By February 24, 2022February 28th, 2022IQOS

Roughly speaking

The most delicious of the HEETS regular taste.

IQOS Heets Pure Teak is a new flavor released in January 2021. It was a brand that had high expectations even before it was released because it was “a regular taste for a long time among the Heets brands!”, But when I opened the lid, I was impressed by its deliciousness.
IQOS Heets Pure Teak outlook


    • Tobacco stick for IQOS released in January 2021
    • Exquisite harmony of gentle taste and aroma
    • Cohesive and very delicious regular taste


500 yen(tax included)

My review:
When I actually smoked it, it was finished in a very cohesive and pure tobacco taste , and I could feel the mellowness and richness as if “Is this really cheap HEETS?”
The scent of mild tobacco spreads with each cigarette, and you can enjoy a pure regular taste without the chemical flavor of heat-not-burn tobacco.
The official taste rating is 4 stars for aroma, 3 stars for richness, and 4 stars for strength. It has a very balanced taste design.

Fragrance: 4.0
Richness: 3.0
Strength: 4.0

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