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How to fix: IQOS is flashing red and does not charge

By June 8, 2021June 15th, 2021IQOS

Iqos, a heat-not-burning electronic cigarette, is favored by many people. Many people don’t know how to maintain after buying iqos, so they encounter many problems in the process of using it. For example, iqos flashes red and does not charge. How to deal with this situation?

How to deal with the red light of IQOS2.4 PLUS

1. The iqos heating rod flashes red, use an alcohol swab to clean the bottom contacts!

2. Long press the iqos heating rod button to turn off the heating rod and put it in the charging compartment to charge!

3. Put the iqos heating rod back into the charging compartment, and then press the clean button and the switch button together to reset the program!

4. Turn the iqos heating rod upside down, shake it hard, and knock it down!

5. If the above 4 points do not work, confirm whether the heating plate is broken, if not, put the heating rod in the refrigerator for 2 minutes! The above 5 types are not working, only repair!

How to fix: IQOS is flashing red and does not charge

The solution to the flashing red light of the iqos heating rod charging is to wait for the heating rod to cool down completely after smoking a cigarette, and then put it back when it doesn’t feel hot in the hand.

The green light flashes and charges normally. But after the pumping, the heating rod still has residual temperature when it is inserted or the red light flashes.

iqos cleaning

Pay attention to the maintenance to clean the iqos heating rod frequently. It is best to use the cleaning tool provided with the machine first, and then wipe the heating plate with a special alcohol swab.

How to avoid the IQOS red light problem

First, do not use too much alcohol for cleaning, the cotton swab must maintain a certain humidity, and there should be no too much alcohol

Second, after smoking, wait for the iqos heating rod to cool down and put it in the charging box for charging. Don’t put it in to charge after smoking.

Third, do not pull out the cigarette after a few puffs or leave it alone, you can press and hold the switch to turn off

The above has introduced how to deal with the iqos heating rod when the red light is on and not charging. I hope to help you learn to maintain iqos!



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