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Glo Hyper Plus vs Glo Pro Slim

By July 20, 2022Blog

Heat-not-burn tobacco and flavor

“Is there a difference between Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim?”
“What’s the difference between the same glow series?”

While the number of types of heat-not-burn tobacco has increased in recent years, many people may not be able to keep up with the times and do not know what is the latest and what is different.I’m the type who keeps smoking my favorite cigarettes, so even if I have this much, I often can’t keep up with the latest ones …
In this article, I will explain in detail the difference between Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim, so if you are wondering which one to buy, please read on.

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What is Glo Hyper Plus?

Glo Hyper Plus

First of all, I would like to introduce Glo Hyper Plus.
Glo Hyper Plus has the following five features.

  • Overwhelmingly low main unit price
  • You can change the taste according to your mood in two modes, normal mode and boost mode.
  • There are 24 different colors of the main body
  • Approximately 20 times of continuous use
  • Satisfactory sucking with the new high temperature boost

After all, one of the persistent popularity of Glo Hyper Plus is its overwhelmingly low price.
It is easy to buy easily, and even if it breaks, it is easy to repurchase, which is one of the charms of Glo Hyper that other heat-not-burn cigarettes do not have.
Even if the price is cheap, the functional aspects are not fulfilling … There is no other functional aspect such as the suction function of the normal mode and the boost mode and the heating time of 15 seconds at the shortest.
I think there are many people who say, “I like Glo Hyper Plus!”
I can’t sleep with my feet on the glow! In fact, I am indebted to Glo Hyper Plus.

What is Glo Pro Slim?

Glo Pro Slim

The following five features of Glo Pro Slim.

  • The slimmest model in Glo history with a thickness of about 1.6 cm
  • Can be used 16 times continuously with one charge
  • Equipped with boost mode for high temperature and high speed heating
  • Minimum heating time 10 seconds
  • Beautiful form that fits in the palm of your hand

As anyone who has had a Glo Pro Slim may know, when I first picked it up, it was a thin shock.
As a personal experience, is it a little thicker than the iPhone? it’s dark.
I searched for something as thin as Glo Pro Slim at home, but the one that fits best was the Nintendo Switch cassette case. (I’m sorry if there are people who don’t get a lot of attention … If you have a Nintendo Switch cassette case at home, please try it once. It’s that thin !!)

By the way, it is a ridiculous heat-not-burn cigarette that you can enjoy the boost mode with heating for a minimum of 10 seconds even though it is such a slim model .

Recently, small bags are popular, so it’s a nice point for girls with little luggage.

Compare the taste and smell of Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim

Heat-not-burn tobacco and flavorFrom left: Glo Pro Slim Flavor, Glo Pro Slim, Glo Hyper Plus Flavor, Glo Hyper Plus
Next, we will compare the taste and smell of Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim.

Glo Hyper Plus Glo Pro Slim
Flavor type 26 types 14 types
Taste From sweet to dry, you can enjoy the strong menthol and taste-changing capsules unique to heat-not-burn tobacco. There are many flavors that you can enjoy strong menthol, and the exhilaration that you can’t find anywhere else is also attractive. Popular brands range from regular flavors to menthol flavors and fruit flavors. You can enjoy a strong kick feeling that does not make you feel a deep taste and a thin stick.
odor There are some differences depending on the stick, but there is almost no difference. There are some differences depending on the stick, but there is almost no difference.

It was an overwhelming victory for Glo Hyper Plus in terms of flavor type.

However, there are 14 flavors of Glo Pro Slim, from regular flavors to menthol and fruit flavors, so you can find your favorite flavor.

There was not much difference between the two flavors, and both were heat-not-burn cigarettes that were highly satisfying in terms of both sucking and kicking.

  • Glo Hyper Plus has many flavors that allow you to enjoy stronger menthol, and is recommended for those who like strong menthol anyway.
  • Glo Pro Slim has many flavors that you can enjoy a royal taste, and thin sticks can enjoy a smooth and smooth taste.

When I compared the mouthpieces of Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim, I felt a considerable difference.
Heat-not-burn tobaccoThe top is Glo Pro Slim and the bottom is Glo Hyper Plus.

Thick sticks and thin sticks depend on each person’s taste, but I personally felt that thin sticks were easy to suck.

  • The impression that Glo Pro Slim is a smoother and less stressful way to smoke when you hold a cigarette in your mouth.
  • Glo Hyper Plus has such an impression that you can enjoy a kick feeling with a thick stick.

If you’ve been fond of thin sticks since the cigarette era, you should definitely try Glo Pro Slim.

Compare device designs for Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim

Heat-not-burn tobacco and flavor

Next, I compared the device designs of Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim.

Glo Hyper Plus Glo Pro Slim
Color variations 24 types 4 kinds
size Height: 83
Width: 46
Depth: 22 [Gross weight] 111g
Height: 98.15mm
Width: 44mm
Depth: 15.5mm (depth) [Gross weight] Approximately 74g
Appearance A simple design with the push of a button and a glossy texture. Can be combined in any color you like. The ergonomic design and the resin processing on the surface make it a smooth fit design that makes you want to touch it. It can be operated with a single button on the side.

As for the color variation of the main body, 24 types of Glo Hyper Plus and 4 types of Glo Pro Slim are greatly exceeded.

Glo Hyper Plus can be combined with any color you like, so it is by far the most popular type of heat-not-burn tobacco on the market. Of course, I am happy that there are many choices to choose from, but I personally feel that the four types of Glo Pro Slim are sufficient.
Also, when I brought Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim together, I was surprised at the lightness of Glo Pro Slim.

Both have a design and size that fits comfortably in the hand, but the familiarity, ease of holding, and feel of the Glo Pro Slim are overwhelming. Because there is a big difference in price, I wonder if the design of Glo Pro Slim is made with particular attention.

Glo Hyper Plus also has a “unique” model that can be dressed up!

Glo Hyper Plus, 24 colors available! But that’s not all. If you include limited colors, it may exceed 30 colors …? There are about.

Even so, there is also a “Glo Hyper Plus Unique” model that can be dressed up, and this model can be further customized by changing the side panel .
Two types of Glo Hyper Plus unique with different side panels. The impression changed at once.

Glo Hyper Plus Unique where you can change the side panel

Glo Hyper Plus Unique with side panels removed

You can remove the side panel like this.

Compare the functional differences between Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim

Heat-not-burn tobacco

Next, I compared the functional differences between Glo Hyper Plus and Glo Pro Slim.

Glo Hyper Plus Glo Pro Slim
Smoking time Normal mode 4 minutes (boost 3 minutes) Normal mode 4 minutes (boost 3 minutes)
Heating time Normal mode 20 seconds (boost 15 seconds) Normal mode 20 seconds (boost 10 seconds)
Time to charge About 210 minutes About 90 minutes
maintenance 1 box (20 bottles) Required after each smoking Required for every 5 uses
Failure frequency Easy to break down There is little worry of breakdown
Number of continuous suckable bottles Approximately 20 (number of uses when fully charged) About 16 times
Heating temperature 250 ~ 270 ℃ 240-280 ℃

Compared to Glo Hyper Plus, Glo Pro Slim has a heating time of 10 seconds in boost mode!

Which is recommended, Glo Hyper Plus or Glo Hyper Plus? !!

Heat-not-burn tobacco and flavor

So far, we have compared the specifications of the two devices in detail, but which is better after all?

To conclude, although each has different merits, the overall affordability and ease of use are still the victory of “Glo Hyper”! I felt that.

Of course, there are many recommended points for Glo Pro Slim, so we will introduce the recommended people for each heat-not-burn cigarette below.

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