Heets new flavor “Tropical Yellow” announced

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HEETS Tropical Yellow

Philip Morris Japan, which develops heat-not-burn tobacco “IQOS”, announced a new flavor “Heets Tropical Yellow” (20 cigarettes / 500 yen including tax) for IQOS.

From Monday, July 5th, major tobacco stores in Japan, including IQOS online store, 9 IQOS stores, IQOS shop (some Yamada Denki stores), IQOS corner (some Don Quixote affiliated stores), and convenience stores start selling at dealers.

“Tropical Yellow”, the first flavored menthol in 1 year and 4 months since “HEETS”, is a fruity menthol that sings “sour refreshing”.

With the launch of “Tropical Yellow”, the Heets series has expanded its portfolio to a total of 11 brands. Among them, flavor-based menthol has expanded the range of choices to all three brands, including the slightly fragrant fresh menthol “Heats (R) Fresh Purple” and the refreshing citrus menthol Heets Citrus Green”.

PMJ, which aims to realize a “smoke-free society,” will continue to “strive to provide products and services that satisfy adult smokers.”

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